Whale of a time!! With Smockingbird Kids

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Summer is here and that means all the kids are home from school! It’s a little daunting when you think about that for the first time. An open schedule and three under six! Luckily the pool is something the kids love to visit and yesterday Angelina took her first swim!! She absolutely loved it! I think I may have three water babies on my hands! The older children are so patient with Angelina, they never splashed water on her face or lost their temper with me consuming most of my time with her. These pictures were taken earlier this week in the garden and trying to get Alexander in the shot is like trying to rope in a wild bird into the frame. Once captured, however, the picture is complete 

Annabelle’s Choice: Whale Smocked two piece: SmockingBird Kids

Alexander’s Choice: Whale Smocked two piece: SmockingBird Kids

Angelina’s Choice: Whale Smocked bubble : SmockingBird Kids

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