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Last weeks as a trio!! What better way to spend the morning than at the creek feeding the ducks?! The kids absolutely adore it when the ducks and birds come sailing down the water to greet them (and their hands full of bread)!! Alexander ate most of his bread in the car on the way over, and was probably just as happy riding on his scooter as he was feeding the ducks. Annabelle on the other hand just loves it, I think it’s the nurturer in her coming out and I think she also likes to have the power of control over the situation. She’ll decide when and to whom gets the next piece!! They seemed also thrilled and excited that there were fish under the surface, collecting the missed crumbs, and apparently a water turtle too!! A kind local with little puppies stopped for a brief chat and told me that “back in the day” people used to actually swim in the waters!! I wish there was a way we could keep the place clean for our children and the next generations to come…

Stephany’s choice: Dress : Yo Baby; Shoes: Top Shop; Bracelets : Marni 

Annabelle’s choice: Dress: Yo Baby; Shoes: Gucci; Hair bows : Lima bean kids (personalized) 

Alexander’s choice: Shirt : Disney; Shorts: GAP; Shoes: Target 

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