Third Trimester

IMG_7907 5

IMG_7908 5






Now in my Third Trimester I’m finally starting to slow down a little. I’m feeling quite a bit heavier, and filling out most of my clothes. I tend to gravitate more to my maternity things now, and anything that is easy to take on or off!! I still love the little dresses as it makes getting dressed a lot easier. One dress is a whole look/outfit and that makes life simple! As I’m drawing nearer to the end, now I have to start planning for baby!! Must revisit my baby name books, buy little new born clothes(yay!), nursing bras, nursing pads, nursing clothes-all things nursing!! I still have a lot of work to do! Hospital bag is also on the list!!Better pull out the “to-do list!!” 

Stephany’s Choice: First look( week 28): Dress: The Market at St. Tropez

Second look(week 27): Dress:  The market in Nice

Third look (week 29): Lilli Pulitzer for Target

Stickers: Lucy Darling Shop (Etsy)