The Pink Ladies, With Smocking Bird Kids

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These sisters get along so well I can hardly believe it. Ok, they haven’t spent a whole lot of time together but the times they have shared have always gone so smoothly. I’m lucky that Annabelle is at an age where she is happy and willing to make an effort to play with a baby. Although I never leave them unattended for more than a few moments, I can tell she has a keen sense of safety and responsibility when it comes to her baby sissy. Angelina, in return, absolutely adores Annabelle so much. When she lays eyes on her in the morning her whole face brightens up. Six years may be the perfect age gap for them as there is enough of an age difference that they may not end up competing with one another, but close enough where they can still enjoy each others company. I for one am so excited to step back and watch this special bond bloom and grow.

We love to have the girls in matching outfits. This is such a sweet and pretty playtime look for both girls. It’s so fresh and lovely for the summer time, and looks equally flattering on each. The fabric is so soft and light, because let’s face it, here in Dallas, this summer has been hot, hot, hot!! 

Annabelle’s Choice: Outfit : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS || Shoes : TARGET on clearance under $6 || Bow: LIBBY LOU BOWTIQUE

Angelina’s Choice: Outfit : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS || Bow: CLAIRES 

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