The Perfect Fall Floral


















Stephany’s Choice: Dress: NORDSTROM || Clutch : ASOS || Heels : Similar here 

This season I’ve been so attracted to floral prints and I’m not quite sure why. I pretty much always go for solid colors, and lots of layers but these days all I want to wear are these lovely floral designs. I actually don’t even want to stop there really. I want to wear flowers in my hair, put flowers in the girls’ hair, buy fresh flowers for my home. When we went to the Arboretum it was so refreshing to see all the pretty gardens and beautiful pumpkins and flowers. If I had to pin point a moment where my obsession was born it would probably be then. I guess this dress kind of reminded me of both of those things, the pretty flowers and the warm, rusty Fall tones. It’s been a wonderful Summer but I’m actually looking forward to the cozier months ahead. Ok, maybe not the freezing cold months but at least the ones where you can layer up and bundle just a little. I really want to start cooking more too. Annabelle and Alexander love to be in the kitchen. They are truly the best little helps out there. Yesterday we made a simple spaghetti (“sketti”) dish and he was so sweet rushing around the kitchen trying to be really helpful. The only terrifying part is trying to keep him out of the stove area, and I think I scared him half to death with what could happen if the boiling pot of water were to tip over! Bella likes to be involved too, in really helpful ways now. She can set the table, she does a wonderful job, and pour the drinks. She seems to really enjoy the process, or is she just happy to dodge reading time?!! haha. It’s hard to tell. A lot of times we do the 20 minutes of reading in the kitchen while I’m preparing dinner. Having said that I do really think she enjoys the art of table setting. My Mother is really similar and loves to put out a beautiful table spread. I’ve even seen Annabelle decorating napkins with personalized designs for each family member at their designated spots on the table! She puts so much care into it, like Alexander’s always have a little car on them, and hers will have a rainbow or something. She’s so creative and sweet. She always keeps so busy and can craft with the most mundane house hold products. Her imagination is amazing and it’s so fun to watch her and what she can make. Alexander on the other hand is such a little helper, he’s quiet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Giving him clear tasks and letting him see the finished product is fun enough for him. He just wants to participate, be included and helpful . I always joke with Michael that Alexander will be a wonderful husband someday. Angel loves being in the kitchen too, especially when the whole family is at home. She loves to sit on her little high chair in the middle of all the action and be a part of the atmosphere. 

Thank you for reading along, soon I’m going to feature a special family Fall recipe, so stay tuned  ♥



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