The Incredibles






















Stephany’s Choice: Mrs. Incredible costume: Similar here || Boots: Similar here 

Michael’s Choice: Mr. Incredible Costume: Similar here || Sneakers: Nordstrom

Annabelle’s Choice: Violet Costume: Similar here

Alexander’s Choice: Mr. Incredible : Similar here

Angelina’s Choice: Baby Jack: Similar here

Trick or Treat?!! Hope you are having an Incredible Halloween!! Ok, I’m not going to lie, I’m totally getting carried away with all the Incredible references. Honestly, being a super hero for the day is a really awesome feeling, and being united with the kids is even better! I’ve had this costume in mind for a few years now, but last year I was 9 months pregnant on Halloween and just so busy planning for baby. In other years we were a family of four and Annabelle had her own ideas of what she wanted to be. This costume was an easy sell. Everyone knew who the Incredible family was (we own the DVD) and everyone agreed that they were happy to dress up as a superhero! I was undecided as to what level I wanted to take the costume to, wigs,etc.. But we decided to settle on this, the simplest version. Sometimes simple is best, it’s more streamlined and less fussy, and becomes more impactful.

The rest of the weekend is going to be busy with one thousand Halloween parties, and then we will leave the trick or treating till Monday. We will probably plan to leave the house when it starts to get dark maybe around 6:30pm or so and walk a block to some of the homes that have dressed up their entrances with spooky Halloween decorations. I would say one to two hours will be perfect for walking around the neighborhood. It’s also a lot of fun to see how everyone else has dressed up and check out the other costumes and cool decorations. Last year I was the size of a pumpkin and walked so much I literally felt sick that night.. what I was really going through were contractions and I ended up giving birth to Angel the next day!! It’s known as the “Halloween effect” apparently when you are heavily pregnant and you go “trick or treating” with your other kiddos, it tips your pregnancy over the edge and can induce early labour!! Or that’s what I was told! The hospitals expect and influx of patients coming in the next day because of this reason!! I guess it makes sense, I had never heard of such a thing in my life but there we were the next day, in the emergency operating room for the day’s first urgent C-section! Crazy, spooky… I thought we would have plenty of time (another week) after the Halloween festivities to prepare for baby. I guess Angelina had other plans!! In any case I feel so blessed that everything was smooth and I had this perfect, healthy little girl. I was worried that she would be born on Halloween, then I became worried that she may have had a complication, then finally I was so appreciative that everything went smoothly. Halloween will always be a really fun time with the kids, but it will always remind me of that last day that I carried my last sweet baby in my belly. It will forever be, Incredible. 




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