Stephany’s Choice: Dress: GAP || Bag: GAP || Shoes : SIMILAR HERE

Annabelle’s Choice: Top: SIMILAR HERE || Skirt: TARGET || Shoes: SIMILAR HERE || Bow: LIBBY LOU BOWTIQUE 

Alexander’s Choice: Top: GAP || Pants: SIMILAR HERE || Shoes: SIMILAR HERE

Angelina’s Chioce: Top: GAP || Pants: GAP || Bow: NORDSTROM

Thankful. One powerful word that I don’t use nearly as much as a should. Today I’m pinching myself. I am typing these words as the warm sweet smell of turkey baking in my oven fills the house. The Thanksgiving Parade is on channel 5 and the children are playing dominos with Michael. I can hear them laughing. Everyone is in Pajamas and is relaxed. There is nothing on the schedule for today or the next few days but togetherness (and lots of delicious homemade food). 

This year we have kept our canned items to a minimum. Cheating only with gravy, apple pie, and vanilla ice-cream. Everything is homemade. Um, OK as I write this I immidiatly realize that Michael’s the one that made pretty much everything this year. Let’s see : Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. Yup. I think we should include Michael at the top of my thankful list this year.

Family, Family, Family

My husband Michael. He’s there during the good, the bad and the meltdowns. He’s my best friend. 

Speaking of best friends, I wouldn’t be able to put together any kind of thankful list without my mom. I basically count on her for everything. She has high standards and is really picky. She also has a really playful and free side to her that is daring. I’m really inspired by her fearlessness and her generosity. Pretty safe to say she’s the best Glamma ever. 

Right behind every great woman is a wonderful man. My dad. The sweetest and most thoughtful person. I never have to ask my dad for anything twice. He’s always looking to help and improve on any situation. I know he’s always just a phone call or text away. An expert on everything from camera lenses to minivans. My dad is someone I know I can always count on.

Last and certainly not least, my children. Yes, the three little people that stole my heart. I am so thankful to know them ,to love them, to laugh with them. They come to me when they are happy and when they are sad.

I am so proud to be their mama. I am thankful to them for making me a better and happier person. I want to be the best Stephany I can be for them. I never want to forget their huge toothy smiles. Singing along to songs on the radio in their car seats. Pointing to things out the window,” LOOK AN AIRPLANE!” and even the bad days. Losing a friend on the playground. Falling off the scooter. Or frustrations with not being able to nail the perfect cart wheel. 

 New friends and devoted readers

I want to give a personal thank you to all of you who have supported me and encouraged my work. This is such a personal platform for me to share and express my ideas and life. It’s so intimate as I try to be as honest and forth coming as possible. I am so grateful for everyone that has been on this journey with me. I have met so many gracious and beautiful people. I am inspired daily by your kindness and warmth. I hope I can let you know how much your love and support has kept me driven to do my best to produce truthful material every week here on

“Today, I am grateful for family who are friends & the friends who become family”.

Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Photography: Ashley Kay Photography


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