Sunset in Antibes













Stephany’s Choice: Tunic : Similar here || Shorts : Similar here || Pumps : Similar here || Bag: CHANEL 

This was the best day!! We just love the town of Antibes so much. Now with this cool ferris wheel, it adds a little cherry on top of an already charming place. The ABC letter statue is amazing and the views of the port and the sea are lovely. The village is so cute too, packed with restaurants and little tourist shops. We love to order the sea food pasta at dinner because it’s so fresh, light and tasty. The kids had plenty of space to run around and us adults love to poke in and out of the little stores. What isn’t shown in these pictures is a port where all the biggest boats are parked! This is so up Alexander’s alley and it’s actually fascinating to see these huge yachts next to each other, in all their grandeur . They are basically like mini homes, and are really beautiful. Everywhere we went we brought two strollers, one for Angel and one for Alexander. Even though Annabelle is 6 now, she was still hoping for a little stroller time and since we had enough adults that could push three strollers I think next time I’ll bring along another one (or at least buy one there). It definitely would have been more efficient to have her in one, and I think even though she is six it wouldn’t hurt to have a sitting option for her. The only hold up is stacking them in the car, and trying to squeeze into the tiny little restaurants in Europe. That’s why I always go for the smallest and skinniest umbrella strollers for travel- that can carry a larger child. I found this model and I love it. We have two of them and I’ve taken them two years in a row now and they are still in great shape. Everyone from Baby Angelina who was about 9 months at the time, all the way to Annabelle who was 6 could fit in happily and comfortably. There is also a Picasso museum in the village which I probably wouldn’t put at the tippy top of my priority list, but if you love museums and have time to kill it’s another fun thing we’ve done here before. And let me add, before we had all three kiddos, I think we went to the museum around 4 years ago when we only had Annabelle. For now, we are going to have to hold off on Art museums for a couple more years I think, haha. At least the outdoor space is spectacular ♥

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