Sparkle Sparkle, Hello 2017!!

Stephany Bowman, Editor of Stephany's Choice wearing a gold 'Paris' TFNC Dress From Nordstrom and Mulberry furry cross body bag with a jeweled strap and Moschino rings. Michael Bowman wearing an Eden Park blazer, Calvin Klein pants, ZARA skinny tie


Stephany’s Choice: Dress: NORDSTROM \\ Shoes: NORDSTROM \\ Purse: Mulberry – similar here\\ 

Michael’s Choice: Suit: Similar here \\ Shirt: Similar here \\ Shoes: Similar here \\ Tie: Similar here

Hello and welcome 2017!! Sparkle Sparkle it’s time to celebrate the birth of a brand new year.

Before moving ahead however, I have been reflecting on 2016 and what a wonderful year it has been. Of course no year goes by without its share of trials and disappointment. If you are going through something tricky, believe that your luck will shift. It always does. I have been working on improving a few aspects of my life. Of course, there are so many more things that I aspire to achieve in a day, week or year. I’ve put together a small handful that I have worked on and have brought positive results.

Hope you enjoy a few of my most promising achievements and memories:

Summer in Europe with family and friends

Traveling with 3 under 6 can be daunting but this was so beyond worth it. I don’t want to miss out on the world, and seeing new places and traveling is a gift we will all cherish forever. 

Laying out activities for the children

last year Annabelle had to sit out of all activities including her favorite, ballet. I felt really guilty for her set back but was just not able to even think of committing to anything more than our basic school schedule. Now that Angelina is bigger and has a routine I have added several activities back on the program for Alexander and Annabelle. Currently they are enrolled in Soccer, Gymnastics, Ballet, Tap, Girl Scouts, bible school, and ice skating.

Date nights with Michael (no kiddies)

It’s the first time we have had constant uninterrupted adult time since becoming parents. We look forward to “date night” every Friday at least 2 times a month and it’s been the best. I recommend it to any couple. We so look forward to this time away from the home and day to day craziness. Sometimes we talk about the kids, sometimes about work, other times about the past, a lot of time on the future. In any case I am so happy we did. 

Integrating personal gym time

This took me along time to come to terms with. I felt it selfish and put my self at the top of the priority list. Once I started however, I remembered how liberating it is to blow off steam, break a sweat, and reconnect with MY body again. For so long you share it with those little guys and having it back feels amazing. 

Breastfeeding Anglina longterm

I did it. We hit the one year mark (and beyond). It wasn’t always easy, but it was beautiful and I will always cherish this year of closeness forever. 

Finding a healthy and sustainable work/life balance

Setting a goal of 2 blog posts per week has been a realistic target for me. I try to carve out morning nap times 2 days a week to work on emails, etc…then the rest of my day belongs to the home, the children and the family.

What were your highlights of 2016?! Goals for 2017?! Thank you for reading along, and HAPPY NEW YEAR beautiful friend 

Photography: Ashley Kay Photography 


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