Shopping and Sunshine, With RIPE Maternity







Nothing like a little shopping to get these girls out and about!! Hehe!! With all the big Thanksgiving sales and cute nursery linens Pottery Barn is definitely the place we wanted to be! They have the cutest things, and we get so excited anytime we can find an item that can be personalized! Angelina slept the entire time in her stroller, the outing was such a success that we were even contemplating lunch! Ahhh all the little victories of new mommy hood flooding back again!

One thing that us nursing moms have to consider is breastfeeding in public. If we are going to be brave and attempt having a life then thats going to have to be a recurring event that we must try to plan and get ready for. With my first baby I spent a lot of time out and about and nursing her in changing rooms and the back dark corners of coffee shops. I was so shy and uncomfortable but totally determined. With Alexander I was a little more confident and certainly less apologetic. I insisted on nursing him at my own comfort and convenience. This time with Angelina I’ve actually decided to invest in some good and clever nursing blankets, dresses, and tops. I will nurse her in public, but I want to do it discreetly and if possible, in style. Thankfully these days it seems like the market for nursing products has expanded and not only are there more options available to us, but there are even…some pretty options!!! Imagine that!!!

Ripe Maternity has hooked me up with this adorable little Pinafore green knit dress!! Its so comfy and perfect for fall layering. It can also be a maternity piece, so it’s one of those star buys that takes you through the stages of pregnancy and beyond. Something so hard to find. At least finding something cute, functional and seasonal is the ultimate mommy trifecta!! It also comes in a grey… I took a chance with the green and am so happy I did, I absolutely adore it.Thank you Ripe Maternity (By the way was just on their site and they have just tons of great options, so many to choose from, all lovely!!) 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress : Ripe Maternity ; Blouse : Pull and Bear; Black Bow: ASOS; Sunglasses: Celine

Angelina’s Choice: Bear Suit: Carter’s; Stroller; GRACO

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