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Stephany’s Choice: Dress: ANTHROPOLOGIE || Cape : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Booties : Similar here || Cuff : CHANEL (Similar here) || Lipstick: URBAN DECAY || Blush : MAC

Loving this time of the year, the hot weather has subsided and it feels like such a relief. I love all the Autumn feels out there too, people seem to have slowed down a little and that cozy holiday anticipation is in the air… I remember this time last year I had Angel in my belly and was counting down the weeks till her arrival. I had no idea if she was a boy or a girl and the excitement was unparalleled. This year she is here and now we are a blessed family of five. I love her even more than I could have ever dreamed and the children love her too. This will be her first Halloween and her first birthday coming up so I’m trying my best to stay organized and plan ahead. I’ve already ordered costumes for the family and Angel’s birthday outfit. I hope it all comes together and that everyone is happy with the outfits I’ve chosen. I’ve been ordering more and more products online these days. I find it to be a lot more efficient, and I no longer use up all my time, car space and energy on picking up and carrying around bulky items. So far the main products I purchase online are toilet rolls, diapers, wet wipes, kleenex, basically most toiletries and now recently I’m shopping more and more of my wardrobe online too. I always buy my personalized items online because it’s just easier to pick and choose through all the options and you can take your time choosing what you want to buy. Etsy is still my all time favorite for hand crafted pieces, I’ve bought most of Angelina’s birthday wear from there. Amazon for the day to day products, including children’s books, office supplies and baby food. My top sites for clothing are ASOS and Nordstrom, basically these two stores will never let me down. Target is also great for kids items, and Net-a-porter for special occasions and novalty pieces. Any time I want my logo on something I shop at Zazzle, I’m always pleased with the quality and they deliver on time, every time. What would I do without all these shipping friends of mine?! I’d probably be just fine I’m sure, but it sure saves this mama a lot of time…When are they going to come up with a Starbucks delivery service?!! Count me in!!! 

Thank you so much for reading along with me, please leave any questions or comments below in the comments section, I love to hear from you, HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!

Special thank you to my awesome photographer ASHLEY AMERMAN

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