Second Trimester
















Almost all of my second Trimester has been in France on Holiday. Certainly all of it has been in the lovely and warm summer months. It’s actually the first time that I am pregnant throughout the summer which has been amazing! No pants, no waistbands, no layers. Just simple little summer dresses, and light shoes!! Finding clothes has been so easy, and growing into them, not an issue at all. If you can plan to be pregnant, this is what I would advise as the optimal time.

Also, traveling in my Second Trimester has been great too. No morning sickness and exhaustion from the First Trimester. Still light enough to walk around freely and comfortably. The doctor will let you travel till you are into your 27 th week, and I think we did just that. If you can do it, I’d vote for you to go for it!! 

Stephany’s Choice:

Black and white dress: PinkBlush Maternity

First look(18 weeks): Top : LUCY & LAUREL ; Shorts : Free People; Shoes: Diesel

Second look(19 weeks): Top: TopShop ; Shorts: Zara

Third look(20 weeks): Leopard Top: H&M; Gold purse: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana

Fourth look(21 weeks): Dress : Maternity from Target; sunglasses : Anthropology

Fifth look(22 weeks): Dress: Chloe; Shoes: ALDO; Fedora hat : Tildon

Sixth look(23 weeks): Dress: The market in Saint Tropez ; Hat: Anthropology

Seventh look( 24 weeks): Dress: Target Maternity; Hat: TopShop; Messenger bag: Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana; Shoes: ALDO

Eighth look(25 weeks): Flower Crown: TopShop; Purse: Sarahsbags 

Ninth look(26 weeks): Dress: ZARA

Stickers: Lucy Darling Shop