Pretty in Pink, With PinkBlush Maternity



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This was our perfect Saturday, dancing around this precious little pond, and doing our favorite thing, spending time together!! Check out Annabelle’s adorable pose!! If only I could learn to balance on one foot like the pro herself!! She is a true natural!! Love my little Mini, a star in the making!! 

I’m so thankful that I can spend the last few weeks of my pregnancy in total comfort and style. The weather is cooling off but warm enough to still get away with these lovely light weight maternity dresses! Thank you so much to PinkBlush Maternity for this perfect pretty in pink dress! One of my favorite things about this dress (besides being so feminine and pretty) is that it will carry on with me after baby arrives in November!! It doubles as a nursing dress!! I think this is the only piece in my closet that I can be ready to carry baby home in. Not only that, but as the weather cools off it’s going to make an awesome lightweight layer.

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Pink Navy Colorblock Maternity/ Nursing Dress 

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