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This little Miss Kiss!! Annabelle Leigh is just such a busy bee! Not only is she a little chatterbox, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her sit down. Her eyes are wide open to the world and she just cannot get enough information as to how it all works fast enough. She is very intellectually demanding which really keeps me on my toes. I think one of the first words she used continuously was “Go! Go! Go!” And I would say that’s still her same mantra to this day! I suppose people are who they are and don’t change much at all. This year she has her list all ready for Santa! All she wants are “a pair of wings that fly” and “a flower that sings”! Oh boy! I don’t know what Santa is going to do, I hope a couple of new barbies and a Frozen Microphone set will work!

We love this adorable pink baby doll dress!It is the perfect little outfit for this festive holiday season and appropriate for any occasion, monumental or not. It’s light, comfy and adds an elegant feel. I always gravitate to these timeless looks around this time of the year. Classic is the way to go. Smockingbird Kids is my go to place for the cutest kids clothes. They have a huge selection of adorable pieces, in all colors and styles. Their quality is terrific, and I know once I put the children in one of their outfits they are going to look perfect. ♥

Annabelle’s ChoicePink Jumper with chocolate trim // Tights: Gymboree 

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