Playing in Plaid!! Smockingbird



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Play all day!! Santa is right around the corner especially for all the good little boys and girls!! I’m sure Alexander has impressed Santa this year! He has had so many changes going on in his little life!! This year he became a big brother!! I was a little concerned about how he was going to take his big brother promotion but I am so pleased  to say that he has been the best big brother!! He is just so sweet with baby Angelina! He adores snuggling with her in the mornings, caresses her head gently and kisses her on her cheek. It makes my heart melt. Of course Angelina can’t play with him at the park yet 🙂 He loves flying on his little blue scooter and chasing Annabelle! I am so proud of you Alexander!! 

Because Alexander is my little gentleman, I thought he was totally adorable in his little suit and tie! Of course because he is so fun loving , he completely pops in these gorgeous Smockingbird Kids Red Plaid pants!! They are so adorable, festive and fun!! No problem spotting out this cutie at the park!!! Light and comfy, he is so happy in these he has no idea that they secretly double as both chic and trendy;) 

Alexander’s Choice: Red Plaid Pants : Smockingbird Kids// White Shirt: Old Navy// Tie: Gymboree// Shoes: Gymboree// Blazer: Cherokee( Target) // Badge: Pottery Barn Kids

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