Pink and white on my birthday!

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So it’s my birthday!! Can’t believe that another year has gone by. This year was so special. I was secretly pregnant with Angelina last year on my birthday and this year I get to hold her tight in my arms! I feel like all my dreams have come true. I woke up to breakfast in bed, and the cutest surprise birthday party. Michael took one of my pictures and put it on my cake with hashtags like “#33” and “#RHOD” (Real Housewives of Dallas) and at the top was a “@stephany” hehe. The kids were buzzing around the cake forever and ended up pinching most of the blue icing off the frame,” to make sure it tastes juuuuuuuuth right”! Ha! Everything is more crazy and more wonderful with my favorite little party guests.

My goals for this year as of this moment are pretty simple

Live in the moment

Leaving the phone behind, sitting down to listen to a story, singing out loud to the song on the radio, and reminding my children how much I adore them are all front and center of where I want to be. I never want to miss an opportunity to hear their little voices, follow along to their favorite music and stop everything for a sweet cuddle.

Have balance

I need to make sure that I take a moment every day to ensure that each child is getting the love and attention they need and that I am able to carve time out for my own health, creative outlets and exercise. Now that I insist on walking every morning to the coffee shop I feel a lot happier for the rest of the day and think that overall the quality of my life has improved a lot. I also want to incorporate more date nights because I think that is also important for our relationship and vital to have a little fun without the children.

Set targets for myself

Some of my most important highlights since having children is when they overcome an obstacle or a challenge. I too have to set challenges and targets for myself to achieve personally and professionally. Carving out alone time to work isn’t always easy, but the balance of having a creative outlet makes me feel well rounded and have something to work on outside of the home. I have weekly, monthly, short term and long term visions.

Have fun

I never want to take things too seriously if they aren’t. I know life is good right now, and we can be as laid back and silly as we want to be! Play twister, eat the cupcake, run outside, bake cookies, read silly books, and build in time for margaritas and guacamole!!

Give back

I owe a ton of my good fortune to the kindness of others. My parents have helped us so much, my neighbors have been so kind. Sometimes just a kind word, a knowing smile, and helping hand can change the coarse of a persons day, week, year, life. I am so inspired by the kind hearts of these people that have helped us with nothing to gain for themselves that I too hope to be one who can love unconditionally, help a friend, child, family, or even stranger in need.

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: ZARA || Shoes : TOPSHOP || Handbag : CHANEL ( similar )|| Cuff : ALEXANDER MCQUEEN 


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