Picnic with Mini








It was so much fun dressing up together!! We loved wearing everything all matchy matchy and felt like twins for the day! I think Annabelle may have styled us a little differently if it was totally up to her !! She brought along a whole collection of princess tiaras to the picnic and advised we try them on in rotation!! Haha!! I guess thats the fun in having a little girl. She brings her own sparkle to the fun, and keeps things fresh and new. I hope we can have moments and days like these forever. Right now I’m still pretty much in charge of dressing her, but I have a feeling that one of these days that is going to change. The roles will certainly be reversed , and thats fine with me, because I actually think that she’s the one with the better taste in style! At the very least, she sure knows how to have fun with it!!

I love you Miss Annabelle Leigh!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Anthropology; Sunglasses: Anthropology ; Slippers: RELAX ; Fedora hat: Tildon

Annabelle’s Choice: dress: Lil Cactus ; slippers: RELAX

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