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Black and White Basics, With Marie D’Argan












Stephany’s Choice: Playsuit: TOPSHOP-sold out ; Similar Here || Bow : Similar here || Heels: Similar Here || Bag : LOUIS VUITTON, Similar here || Stretch Mark lotion: Marie D’Argan

I often get asked about my beauty routine and which products and rituals I swear by. A few favorites that I can’t live with out are products for my hair, and lotion for my face and body. If I don’t adequately moisturize I feel like my skin is dry and irritable all day and never fully set into my own skin. I don’t even like to get dressed if I haven’t put on cream and good cream isn’t easy to come by.

When choosing which lotion to purchase at the drug store I’ve gotten it wrong many times. Buying something for dry irritable skin sounds promising but when I bring the product home to try it I’m disappointed to see how thick, heavy and it is awkward to apply. On the other hand buying a cream that’s cheap or not creamy enough feels runny, slippery and I never actually get that nice soft moisturized feel I’m looking for. Haha. Like I said, I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations!

I’m not the expert on skin either, but lucky for me at this time in my life it doesn’t seem like I have any stretch marks yet. Now of course I may have inherited other battles, but I think as far as stretch marks go I’m on the lucky side of the genetics here. This doesn’t mean that I won’t monitor my skin and listen to my body. I will definity keep my eyes open for preventative measures and am willing to try anything that can keep my skin as smooth as possible. I think I have a tendency to have dry skin. Although I moisturize my face daily so it doesn’t look flaky when I put foundation on. 

When I tried Marie D’Argan’s moisture rich body lotion I instantly loved it. The texture and consistency was perfection. The smell divine. The bottle is the perfect size and it’s a pump, my favorite application. Its main ingredient is 100% pure argan oil made from the best argan seeds hand-picked by a women’s co-op based in Morocco. Their products are high quality and free of parabens, sulfates, SLS and phthalates. This is safe and even recommended for pregnant woman for use to minimize stretch marks. I use this all over my body once daily after I shower, but they suggest you apply generously, and twice daily. Marie D’Argan has various other products in their range, including some oils for hair and skin. All their products smell wonderful and make a really lovely Christmas gift if you’re looking to spoil someone you love (yes, that includes YOU too!) 

I love that they use pure, natural and organic oils. I find myself moving closer to natural products these days. I’m trying to eat clean and avoid packaged food if I can help it. Even my choices for skin products are simpler and more natural. 

When I’m at home and I feel like having a sweet treat I pick out an apple instead of raiding the cookie box (most of the time :)) I must say I feel better for it. I hate to admit it but ever since having Angelina I’ve been battling adult acne again. It seems to come back on and off right around my jaw line.  It’s so frustrating and I think I break out a lot more when I wear make up. My favorite make up is thick creamy matte make up so maybe my pores are crying!! So on days that I “don’t need” to wear any make up I go without. At first, I was so shy and embarrassed to be caught with a bare face in public. Now I love it, I think my skin is healthier and I break out way less. 

Anyway, I guess it’s all kind of a balancing act and I’m still trying to get that perfect balance between what products will help me and which ones will set me back. If I come upon anything else I love, I’ll certainly share it here. 

Let me know if there is a product that you love? Have you tried using natural and organic beauty products?

Thanks for reading along.

Thank you to the Marie D’Argan team for sharing these wonderful lotions with me!



Spooky Fun with Pottery Barn Kids















Stephany’s Choice: Dress : Free People || Pink Flats : Similar here || Shorts : Similar here

Annabelle’s Choice: Butterfly Costume : Pottery Barn Kids

Alexander’s Choice: Dinosaur Costume: Similar here and here 

Angelina’s Choice: Kitty Costume : Similar here

So apparently we love dressing up. Any excuse to dress up in a costume is exactly where we want to be. If Annabelle could wear some crazy princess, butterfly, unicorn combination every single day she would. Alexander would happily dress up as a Fireman or anything that makes him feel he is one step closer to being able to drive a fast car. Last year he begged me to dress him up as a garbage truck!! Being the devoted parents that we strive to be, we actually did some web searches ” Toddler Garbage Truck Costume”, needless to add that it turned up nothing. Although I think Amazon may have had a cardboard recycling truck box that you could strap on…We went with a lion costume( second year in a row :|). He didn’t seem to mind and the kids were so good about knocking on the doors,” Trick or treat ?!” and soon after , ” Thank you!” -Then Alexander’s final parting words: “ROAR!” Hahaha.

We have this Pottery Barn Kids store close to our house and right next to our neighborhood Starbucks and I love any excuse to stick my nose in there. Even the kiddos love going in. The staff are so friendly and they have little train sets and cars that they don’t mind if the kids play with while I stroll through the place. My favorite times to go are when there is something seasonal going on like Easter, Valentines Day or Christmas. Decorating a table for a party is almost as much fun as getting dressed up for one. Especially a theme party (in my opinion). I love that they have cute personalized options too. I have some personalized Christmas dishes for the kids and they are some of my favorite table decorations of all time. I also love these tumblers. I have them with the witches and they are the perfect size. The quality is really good too, I throw everything in the dishwasher and while they don’t look brand new anymore (I’ve had mine for a year now) they still look pretty good. For decorating a party table with a theme you don’t have to buy every single thing on the table in that same theme. You can choose key colors, maybe 2 or 3 and then sprinkle a couple of spooky Halloween pieces. I think that’s almost better because when there is too much stuff on the table or too many decorations your main pieces may get lost in the mix. A few chunky ones, and a couple of detail items are just perfect! I’m getting more of the tumblers and then I think I’m going to get these cute personalized pumpkin plates. Alexander’s Dinosaur costume is sold out online but I think the hood was kind of bulky anyway and started sliding off in the store. Probably not a bad idea to have them try on the outfits before purchasing, just in case, if you can. They look different on the kids than they did on the shelves and sometimes the fit isn’t comfortable or overwhelmens the child. Bella chose her outfit and seemed really pleased with it. Angel’s was cozy and comfy too. All around, we had the best time, and we will definitely be going back for more!! I wish they made adult costumes ?!!!!

What’s your favorite local store? Do you prefer to get dressed up or dress up the table?! Thanks for reading along with me!!

I want to give a special thank you to the Pottery Barn Kids staff on Knox: Dale, Kyle, and Jennifer! Thank you for teaming up with us, and for being so generous!! 

Photography : 

Lovely Layers








Stephany’s Choice: Lace top : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Skirt : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Vest : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Backpack: H&M || Boots : SIMILAR HERE || Earrings: SIMILAR HERE 

I love how these Fall weekends are so festive. This weekend we stopped by our local craft store and I forgot how much I love making things with my hands and putting things together. The kids seemed to love it too. We even bumped into Bella’s art teacher there which is always a good sign you are in the right art shop! Bella is very crafty and I’ve never seen her without a crayon or marker in her hand. When she runs out of paper to color on she freaks out and basically has some sort of nervous breakdown. She either bursts into tears of panic or she starts coloring on the kleenex boxes, toilet rolls, under the tables. I’ve even caught her cutting up cookie boxes and magazines to use for images. Basically she goes crazy if she isn’t busy or more specifically busy creating, designing. I guess sometimes people are truly born artists and it isn’t anything they can change. She’s was just born to create and that’s part of what makes her so special. Alexander also loved going to the craft store. This sort of surprised me a little because in the past he hasn’t really taken to coloring, at least not as much as Annabelle has… Maybe it’s a boy thing, or maybe it’s an age thing. Now that he is 3.5 years old he seems more inclined than he would have been a year ago. He did seem pretty happy to pick out his own crafts, colors, and supplies. Maybe that’s the key to getting him interested, to allow him the freedom to choose what he would like to work on and with his own materials. Or perhaps maybe you become more passionate about a project when you are involved in the entire process from the start. In any case, I’m really happy that it was a family affair. If you aren’t sure about what craft to choose, or what you think your kids will enjoy, I would urge a group trip to the store. In my experience everyone has fun getting involved and you can let the kids choose which projects excite them (as long as you confirm they are age appropriate of course). This was so much more fun for the family as a whole than just going to the toy shop. I bought a little clear plastic “craft box” at the store to put and keep organized all of our supplies. This way we can find them easily next time and we won’t have to buy the same products over and over.

The basic supplies we started with this weekend were:

6 paint colors (including black and white)

Art box

Assortment of brushes

Paint pallets (pack of four)

Everything else was Halloween themed. I’m looking forward to working on more projects for the coming holidays :Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. We will also be going on raining days when there isn’t anything we can really do outdoors, and little projects for family members. The thing the kids love to do the most is pick out and give away presents!! My parents arrive in a month or so, we will definitely be heading out to the craft store to see what special presents we can make for them when they get here!! I also think this was a great new tradition to start and I’m thinking that we can go to the craft store one week before every holiday to create something special, that reminds us of what we love about that holiday and why it is so special. I hope we can build a ton of fun memories being creative together ♥ 

Thank you for reading along! Do you have any special Halloween traditions?! 

Photographer: Vanessa Chavez ||


Sweet stripes with Pinkish Trends





FullSizeRender 53

FullSizeRender 57

On Wednesdays we wear pink!!! Live and die by this rule!! Do we have to limit it to just one day?!!  What is it about stripes that put me both in a good mood and make me feel polished and put together?! This is the cutest little dress from Pinkish Trends. I love a great tunic dress, it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about finding a top to match your pants, or a skirt to match your blouse.. Okay, so you can tell I’m trying to cut corners now… Anything that makes life that much more simple and easy works for me. There is something really pretty about this dress in particular, the moment I put it on, Michael was like,” wow, you look nice!” I like to think that he feels that every day but lets be honest, he sees the ‘mommy Stephany’ more often than the ‘stylish Stephany’ these days. But hey if the dress gets me half way there, I’ll take it!!

What to look for in a great staple dress :

Keep it simple

The more fussy, tight or busy the dress is the less wear you will get out of it. I get put off by dresses that seem complicated or to “loud”… Of course there is a time and a place for cute over the top pieces, but for day to day wear-keep it simple.

Be comfortable

This may seem obvious, and I may be the only one here but never buy a dress that is too small (hoping you will loose weight), too short (looks cute standing up), difficult to zip (no one will notice), or has tricky buttons (hope my hubby won’t mind waking up 20 minutes early to help!). The more uncomforable a dress is, the more it just gets over looked in my closet.

Be honest

Know your body and be honest with yourself. Showing off every bit of your body is great for the beach but realistically we will probably only show certain parts of our body when we get dressed. If you have great arms and want to show them off then choose capped or sleeveless dresses. If you like a shorter length (my preference) then consider longer sleeves for a little balance. 

Color is key

This is where you can really have some fun. Color can reflect a mood ,season, or message. We love red on Valentine’s day or Christmas. White for Summer, and pastels for pretty days and Spring. 

Choose happy

Of course the main rule is wear what makes you happy! As my soul sister Audrey Hepburn agrees”happy girls are the prettiest” AMEN!

For more adorable looks check out Pinkish Trends  Fit is true to size 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Pink Belted Tunic|| Shoes : TopShop 

Waiting for Santa! Smockingbird Kids







It’s the night before Christmas! Shopping is done (most of it online this year!). Baby Angelina is 7 weeks old and happy. The last few days she’s been under the weather so I’m happy she is feeling better and on the mend.

I love everything Christmassy and festive. This  Smockingbird Kids   Wreath French Knot Onesie is just adorable and perfect for the season! It’s so soft and sweet and I love the touch of Christmas. The classic look also makes it a wonderful choice, keeping it timeless and elegant.

I don’t think Angelina is going to remember this Christmas, but for me I’ll always remember that I got all the gifts I ever dreamed of. Having my whole family here to share the joy and happiness and my three babies is everything.

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you a beautiful day of joy and love to you and all of your family!!

Angelina’s ChoiceSmockingbird Kids Wreath French Knot Onesie // Headband : Claire’s Accessories  

It’s a wrap! Ingrid & Isabel















FullSizeRender 7









It’s a wrap! Christmas shopping is almost complete! Was super fun to bring my youngest two little ones with us. Angelina slept most of the time and Alexander just loves to push her stroller around!

I love this awesome coal Belted Cozy Wrap from Ingrid & Isabel. It’s really chic and cozy, and the belt keeps everything in place. You can dress it up or down, add layers underneath for extra warmth, or just throw it on whatever you are wearing. It’s design is very clever and flattering. The fabric is soft and light. I’ve already worn this to a mother’s holiday party, shopping with the kiddos, and to the doctor’s office. Because of this versatility, comfort and nursing accessibility I’m classifying this piece as a “Must Have Essential”! If this item is all you buy from maternity to nursing and beyond, you’ll thank me!! 

Stephany’s ChoiceBelted Cozy Wrap Isabel & Ingrid// Socks : Free People // Shoes : ALDO // Shorts: Mango

Angelina’s Choice: Onesie : Carter’s // Headband : Claire’s Accessories

Alexander’s Choice: Sweater : Old Navy // Polo : Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes : Target




All wrapped up! Ingrid & Isabel




IMG_2929All wrapped up today! No wonder Christmas is my favorite holiday! All the fun and kindness is just so infectious. Chirstmas songs, lights, candy and presents of course!! Luckily it hasn’t been too cold yet. Taking Angelina out is becoming easier and easier. She loves her little stroller. I also have some warm and cozy nursing favorites now that I love to wear. My go-to formula at the moment is a button down tunic over knit tights with a big cape or wrap! That way I don’t have to try to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, and the cape keeps Angelina and me all wrapped up so that we can nurse comfortably and discreetly. I adore this Ingrid & Isabel cozy wrap !! It’s so soft and lovely. I can drape it over my outfit in different styles and Angelina fits perfectly underneath. She loves how light the texture is and doubles as a little blanket for her too. I never would have dreamed that I could find an item that would be fashionable, great quality and baby friendly. Thank you Ingrid & Isabel we both love it!!

Stephany’s Choice: Ingrid & Isabel Cozy wrap // Knee socks: Free People// Shoes : Aldo //Dress: GAP

Angelina’s Choice: Carter’s  

XOXO, With BUMPStyle Box

Stephany Bowman Editor of Stephany's Choice, wearing Bumpstyle box, cozy XOXO nursing/ maternity sweatshirt

IMG_1228 2

FullSizeRender 5

IMG_1254 2

12 days post birth!!

We made it out!! The weather is still gorgeous and perfect for being outdoors!! I can even get away with wearing my jeans shorts a few more days! Hooray!! All set in comfy clothes!!

Everyday gets a little easier than the day before! Although we are still trying to find the balance and adjust, each day is a miracle and an achievement! Angelina is a delight, and although she is sleeping most of the time, when she does open her little eyes it feels as though we’ve known each other forever!!

I can’t believe its almost been two weeks already, time seems to just be flying by. It’s going to be Christmas before you know it!

My biggest challenge at the moment is just making it to all of our appointments on time, staying sane, keeping organized and trying to give Annabelle and Alexander as much attention as I can when we are together. It’s not always easy, but we are all learning together.

Thank Goodness for Grandmothers!! My mom is MVP and without her I can’t even imagine where we would be!! Thank you mom!!! :):) 

Luckily with the help of my friends at BUMPStyle Box I don’t have to worry about what I look like!! They’ve completely got me covered with a huge box full of mommy friendly and nursing options! The outfits are so adorable I wasn’t even sure if they were maternity or just regular clothes!! Not having to worry about what would be flattering, and what I can breastfeed in is a huge help and relief!! If you are a busy mamma like me, or need some assistance styling your post baby bump body sign up today!! 

Stephany’s Choice

Top : BUMPStyle Box ; shorts : Old Navy , Boots : Zara; Bracelet : Marni; Cuff : Moschino; Clutch : H&M