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So here in Dallas it’s been unseasonably rainy these last few weeks. I had to file our Summer clothes to the back of the closet for a little longer because it’s just been rainy every day, all day long…But on a happier note- I was thrilled to see this too cute military jacket with patch details !! The snaps are perfect for nursing and it feels like the right weight for this in-between extended Spring/Summer weather. Isn’t this flower corsage choker the cutest thing?! I love how fun and bright it is. It adds the perfect little dot of fuchsia to brighten up the look!! Of course I am never ever off mommy duty so I’ve put together some ideas for the perfect mommy/nursing proof looks to shop for expecting and breastfeeding moms!! I have learned the hard way so you don’t have to, hopefully one or all of these may be some ideas you can keep in mind when you are in need of cute and practical breastfeeding options. 

When looking for the perfect nursing friendly outfit I try to keep in mind these quick easy tips:

Buttons, snaps, or zippers are your friend

Anything that you can find that has buttons can open all the way down your outfit is going to be a great option for feeding baby. If you can’t find anything you like that opens all the way down, try to look for pieces that at least can open easily to the bottom of your bust. This will help give quick and easy access to baby when it’s time for a feed.

Elastic/ stretchy Collars are cute and easy

Current trends this summer are the off the shoulder peasant dresses and tops but these cute looks can be functional too!! Don’t forget to do a little “tug test” when checking the item on the hanger. If it doesn’t seem to have much give or elasticity it’s not going to be your go-to item to put on to feed baby.

Wrap dresses provide clever pleats and camofloage

The clever thing about a wrap dress is that you can unwrap one side of your chest to feed baby while the other side can stay tucked in. This allows for discretion and you won’t feel like your whole chest is exposed at once. A good option and flattering cut too.

Capes for a cause

Capes are really great for nursing because they can double as a cover blanket of sorts. Feed your baby wrapped up in a cozy knit cape for extra comfy points and privacy.

Infinity scarves and pashminas 

They come in the cutest colors and the most lightweight fabrics. Now easy to wash and quick to match , this is a no brainer cute clothing item that you can pack easily in your purse or diaper bag. Drape over your shoulders or tuck around baby for privacy. 

Stephany’s Choice: Military Shirt : ZARA  || Choker: ASOS ||  Bag : ALICE + OLIVIA || Boots : ZARA || Sunglasses : BESTY JOHNSON

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