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Stephany’s Choice: Lace top : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Skirt : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Vest : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Backpack: H&M || Boots : SIMILAR HERE || Earrings: SIMILAR HERE 

I love how these Fall weekends are so festive. This weekend we stopped by our local craft store and I forgot how much I love making things with my hands and putting things together. The kids seemed to love it too. We even bumped into Bella’s art teacher there which is always a good sign you are in the right art shop! Bella is very crafty and I’ve never seen her without a crayon or marker in her hand. When she runs out of paper to color on she freaks out and basically has some sort of nervous breakdown. She either bursts into tears of panic or she starts coloring on the kleenex boxes, toilet rolls, under the tables. I’ve even caught her cutting up cookie boxes and magazines to use for images. Basically she goes crazy if she isn’t busy or more specifically busy creating, designing. I guess sometimes people are truly born artists and it isn’t anything they can change. She’s was just born to create and that’s part of what makes her so special. Alexander also loved going to the craft store. This sort of surprised me a little because in the past he hasn’t really taken to coloring, at least not as much as Annabelle has… Maybe it’s a boy thing, or maybe it’s an age thing. Now that he is 3.5 years old he seems more inclined than he would have been a year ago. He did seem pretty happy to pick out his own crafts, colors, and supplies. Maybe that’s the key to getting him interested, to allow him the freedom to choose what he would like to work on and with his own materials. Or perhaps maybe you become more passionate about a project when you are involved in the entire process from the start. In any case, I’m really happy that it was a family affair. If you aren’t sure about what craft to choose, or what you think your kids will enjoy, I would urge a group trip to the store. In my experience everyone has fun getting involved and you can let the kids choose which projects excite them (as long as you confirm they are age appropriate of course). This was so much more fun for the family as a whole than just going to the toy shop. I bought a little clear plastic “craft box” at the store to put and keep organized all of our supplies. This way we can find them easily next time and we won’t have to buy the same products over and over.

The basic supplies we started with this weekend were:

6 paint colors (including black and white)

Art box

Assortment of brushes

Paint pallets (pack of four)

Everything else was Halloween themed. I’m looking forward to working on more projects for the coming holidays :Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. We will also be going on raining days when there isn’t anything we can really do outdoors, and little projects for family members. The thing the kids love to do the most is pick out and give away presents!! My parents arrive in a month or so, we will definitely be heading out to the craft store to see what special presents we can make for them when they get here!! I also think this was a great new tradition to start and I’m thinking that we can go to the craft store one week before every holiday to create something special, that reminds us of what we love about that holiday and why it is so special. I hope we can build a ton of fun memories being creative together ♥ 

Thank you for reading along! Do you have any special Halloween traditions?! 

Photographer: Vanessa Chavez ||


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