Baby Blue, with Smocking Bird Kids










It is fitting that Annabelle’s favorite color at the moment is violet. She tends to waver a little bit between all the pinkish, purplish hues of the rainbow, it’s hard to keep it all straight sometimes! Spending the Summer with her and not committing to a particular schedule has been pretty liberating I must say. Although having all three kids is not without its challenges, having flexibility in our daily routine is really nice. I feel a lot more relaxed and I think that the kids can pick up on it. I have more “time” to tune my brain into the the little things. I feel like they aren’t going to be that interested in my opinion forever so I should be honored to be privy to their thoughts, opinions and day dreams, as long as I can.

This Summer dress is not only just darling it’s also soft and light. Right now, in Dallas, the weather is consistently over 95 and so you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. The sweet little detail is so pretty, I wish this came in my size!

Thank you for keeping up with us! Let me know what you’re favorite outfit is this Summer! 

Annabelle’s Choice : Dress : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS + it’s on sale || Shoes : KEDS || Bow : LIBBY LOU BOUTIQUE 

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