Lounging lovelies, with Smockingbird Kids

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Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my children together having a wonderful time! It’s the last day of the week today, as we are all off for Good Friday so there is going to be a lot more of this going on throughout the weekend!! Spring is finally here and the birth of fresh new beginnings is in the air. For one, the kids can all get together and sit nicely for about seven minutes! Two, I can put on a Disney DVD, play it for them and they will watch 25% of it while sitting so nicely on the couch! Yay! Mommy can make a cup of tea (and possibly a slice of toast??) I look forward to seeing more moments of bonding with these three, but for now, the Easter Jammie snuggles are beyond 🙂 

Smockingbird Kids doesn’t only have the most daring little outfits for boys and girls, they have these gorgeous loungewear sets too!! Add a monogram of your choice and make it personal!! These are the perfect gift for your child or a child you love. The quality is impeccable and they are so sweet. The kids loved them too, and they are picture perfect for those early risers that need to be picture perfect for the egg hunt on Easter morning;)

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Annabelle’s Choice: Loungewear : White knit loungewear with pink trim || Smockingbird Kids

Alexander’s Choice:Loungewear : White knit loungewear with blue trim || Smockingbird Kids

Angelina’s Choice: Loungewear : White knit gown with pink trim || Smockingbird Kids

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