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Being a “boy mom” is one of the best privileges I have ever been given. I never imaged the joy a son would bring to my life. Boys typically have a reputation for being a handful. Alexander, however, surprises me everyday. He may be the most sensitive and sweet person I have ever met. For a 3 year old boy he is so kind and compassionate. If Annabelle cries, he cries. If Annabelle gets upset, Alexander gets upset. Could this be a little brother of a big sister thing? Are boys that grow up around girls and women more sensitive than those who don’t? Or is he just a special exception? He still loves to run around, play with cars, ride his scooter like a mad man, so he’s still all boy. I hope he will always stay close to my heart, and I will enjoy those warm tight cuddles as long as I can!

Have you been planning your children’s Easter outfits yet? It’s right around the corner, and as we well know, finding looks for the girls is so easy but finding something comfortable and cute for the boys isn’t as straightforward. Well, you don’t need to look any further! Smockingbird Kids has the most adorable kids clothes not just for everyday but for special occasions too! This gorgeous boys romper is a total look, easy and fuss free, the monogram adds the perfect personal touch and the sweet soft colors are perfect for Easter. It’s classic, and you’ll be happy to have this in the photo album to look back on in years to come 

Alexander’s Choice: Romper : Smockingbird Kids // Socks : Target // Shoes : Adidas 

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