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I found the perfect jumpsuit!! So basically, you know what that means for a busy, nursing Mom of three?!! Outfit complete! Yes! The best part about a jumpsuit is that it’s a total look in one piece. That means, I don’t have to scramble for shorts, a shirt, belt or anything else. The outfit is totally fool proof, and I don’t have time to fool around! I love the that it’s a jumpsuit and not a dress too because my job is so physical and I don’t want to have to worry if my skirt is going to fly up or get tucked into my bag or anything embarrassing like that. 🙂 This is also so cute and fashionable, the military vibes make me feel strong, and the snap buttons are perfect for easy nursing access because, let’s be honest, I’m a Mama trying to do it all! The badges add some fun detail and I think this green color will look so pretty on all complexions.

The backpack is really practical, and you can have it monogramed! I’m completely for anything that I can stamp my name (or in this case, initials) all over.

Boots are sometimes more fun to wear than sandals because they feel more strong, and sassy. These match everything as they are a snakeskin pattern and include a range of neural colors in them- therefore match almost anything.

It’s that awkward time of the year when you aren’t sure if its going to be a chilly day or a sunny day. In my case, when I think it’s going to be warmer it ends up being cooler, and then when I think it’s going to be cooler it ends up being boiling hot! That’s why shorts on the bottom and long sleeves on the top is my go-to formula- at least for the next several weeks.

Hope this helps if you are looking for a fun, easy, Springtime staple!! 

Stephany’s Choice: JUMPSUIT : Zara || BACKPACK : Louis Vuitton || BOOTS : Zara 

Photographer : @angiegarciaphoto

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