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It’s hot hot hot here in Texas so wearing ice blue may have been a subconscious color choice! We’ve been swimming as much as possible and the kids are having a great time at their summer camps. This leaves me a lot of free time with little Angelina and I know for now she is still on MY schedule. So, we’ve been touring the Dallas Art District. So many awesome galleries and Antique stores. What I love so much about antique stores is not only the beauty and value of the pieces, but the history and the stories they bring with them. Feeling nostalgic and dreamy vibes all day.

 I dressed up Angelina in her cute gold crown and picked out metallic accessories for my look. This can easily be a day to night outfit, and the metallics are surprisingly neutral.

I have put together my 3 reasons why metallic accessories are your best buy for the season:

They go with everything

Metalics, such as gold, silver, bronze match any color or pattern. Consider them lucid like water, or shiny like hair. They are just a drop of sparkle and shine and are fool proof if you are in a shoe, purse or jewelry jam!

Dress them up or down

Consider metallic items like a diamond ring. You can wear them in the day or in the evening. The day time look will feel light and etherial because metallics are almost like a “glass slipper” invisible but pretty. In the evening they will drop to the background but if they reflect light they will appear bright and edgy

Mix and match

Gold, silver, bronze, or champagne are all in the same color family. If you have a gold watch you can pair it with silver earrings, or bright pink shoes, mixing and matching is fun and easy.

Stephany’s Choice : Blue Dress : Anthropology || Purse : (Similar here +on sale for $15) || Shoes : (Similar here + on sale for under $23) || Cuff : (Similar here)

Angelina’s Choice: Cream Dress: Kardashian Kids (Similar here + on sale)  || Gold Crown : MINIMAGPIEKIDS

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