Halloween Bumpdate Special, With MAMAGAMAWORLD!!





38 week Bumpdate!! Okay it’s a little more festive than that!! It’s Halloween!!Which couldn’t be more fitting because of course baby is probably almost the size of a Pumpkin!!! I can’t believe that in just a few short DAYS I will be able to hold my little pumpkin in my arms! Right now I’m definitely feeling pretty large and in charge! Everyone is congratulating me on my baby, everywhere I go, so I must be clearly showing right now!! Trying to keep my energy levels high, It’s getting harder with the tossing and turning at night. My biggest battle is trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in at night. I’ve also given up on weighing myself (to be honest, I haven’t been able to face the scale for weeks now!! ;))  On this list of major to-dos left: Find a stroller and car seat solution, baby clothes, hospital robe, and a baby name!!!

Until then, at least I can have a little fun dressing up my bump!! The awesomely talented MAMAGAMAWORLD has sent me this absolutely adorable Pumpkin T-shirt!!! To be honest I had been dreaming about this piece for such a long time!! When I went to the sight EVERYTHING was just so so cute!!! It was so hard choosing my favorite!! And when I did this item was totally sold out for Halloween of course!! But look!! Great things happen in your Home Stretch!! It arrived!! In my Size!! WhoOOOOO hoooooo!!!!!!

Thank you MAMAGAMAWORLD!!!!!! 

Stephany’s choice: Top: MAMAGAMAWORLD; Mask: H&M; Shorts: TopShop

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