Fishin’ for some fun! With Smockingbird Kids












I can’t believe Mr. Fishin’ for some fun over here is about to turn 3!! Wow!! Time flies by so quickly when you have little kids! The baby and toddler phase feel like they last forever but when they are coming to an end you realize what a small chapter this stage is!! Alexander continues to be the kind and sweet boy he has always been. He says “Hello!!” to every single person he comes across and always says ” Goodbye!! Have a nice day- and good luck!!” He is so trusting and friendly, I hope the world will match the love he is is handing out. I hope he always continues to be trusting, and that people are good to him. I hope that when he lets someone go ahead of him in line for the slide that in return that person will thank him, or that the next person in line will encourage Alexander to take his turn. It may sound so silly, but as a mother I worry about his tender heart and how vulnerable it can be. Let’s be kind to one another, after all we are all someone’s baby Alexander. 

I love this adorable and sweet little Smockingbird Kids outfit. They have just the loveliest outfits for kiddies. The quality is so soft and so comfy to play around in. It always looks so put together when the top and bottom are matching. The details of the fisherman are so sweet and remind me of summer time and being outdoors. We aren’t in summer yet, but will take any inspiration to head outside for some fun, fresh air, and exploring. 

Alexander’s Choice: Gone Fishin’ Smocked Sage Gingham pants set : Smockingbird Kids // Shoes : Addidas // Hat: Target

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