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I know this is a random time of the year to get serious about fitness but for some reason I’m really determined all of a sudden to get healthy. Ok, maybe that’s a lie. I’ve always wanted to be healthy and try to eat as best as I can. I’m not blaming the kids but a lot of the time I grab special treats that they ask for at the grocery store, that I may not have kept in my home if it weren’t for them. I am terrible with temptation and can’t help trying, sampling and grazing. So I’ve decided to make a change. I’m proactively integrating fitness into my daily life. Sure I chase the kids, run after them at the park, but carving time out of my day to go to the gym is a first for me as a mother. I always felt guilty doing this in the past, not including them in everything I did…I still kind of feel guilty when I head out the door without them. The honest truth is I’m only gone for an hour and it makes me SO happy. Taking time away to blow off steam, stretch, dance to music and break a sweat is awesome. I’ve never loved it so much as now. The carefree feeling of only being responsible for myself for an hour is totally liberating and it re-charges both my mental and physical batteries. My favorites have been the group sessions, especially the high cardio ones like the mixed dance classes at the Tracy Anderson Studio. Man did they kick my butt. It felt so good. The first half hour is a blast. At the 45 minute mark you want to kill yourself. Then the last ten minutes you get this wave of strength and you feel so empowered and strong. Breaking a good sweat feels incredible and after coming home, taking a shower and having a huge glass of ice water I feel like a new person. Or a better person. I feel relaxed, re-charged and excited to see the kids. I’ve only been gone an hour and a half and I miss them already. I sleep great at night, and wake up sore the next day. Ok that part isn’t always as fun, especially since I have to pick up Angel, carry Alexander’s scooter around and run all my daily errands. A lot of them do take a fair amount of physical stamina. So I’ve figured going every other day or 3 days a week is perfect. I only hope that I can keep this up, stay motivated, and committed. Most of all I hope to see some results. Since I’m a results motivated person a lot of the time I drop an activity when I can’t see any improvement from the program. I hope that I can start to shed some of my baby weight in a steady and safe way because I’m ready to get back to my old shape. I have a feeling it will come off a lot more easily when I stop breastfeeding. With Annabelle and Alexander I didn’t loose a pound while I was nursing but dropped all my weight and more when they were completely weaned. My mom says it’s probably a lot of water weight and milk that you carry around when you are breastfeeding. Let’s hope she’s right! I’ll provide an update on my fitness progress (hopefully) in a few weeks. What should I consider as progress? Let’s say If I stick to the program, stay consistent with my work outs and drop 5 lbs. 

Any tips on keeping up with the fitness routine? Let me know!! 


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