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Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Anthropologie || Boots: Steve Madden || Poncho : Similar here

Angelina’s Choice: Sweater : Similar here || Tights: GAP || Shoes : Similar here || Headband : NORDSTROM

Just a couple more weeks till Angel’s first birthday and all I can think about is this time last year. Being pregnant with my third child was very different from my other pregnancies. First of all, it flew by a lot quicker than the first two. I’m not quite sure why that is, probably the obvious reason is that I was so pre-occupied with the older two so I had less time to count down the days. Second of all, I had a lot more fun when I was pregnant with Angelina. I wasn’t as worried about my changing body, trying to eat perfectly, or over planning what nursery items and baby products I may need. I was a lot more relaxed and just enjoyed it for what it was. I totally celebrated my bump. When I was carrying Annabelle I was almost shy and embarrassed about my new body. A lot of the time I was wearing over sized baggy clothes, and sort of keeping the whole thing low key. With my second child, Alexander, I do remember having a ball of a time eating and eating pretty much whatever I wanted all the time..haha, yes I think I may have taken it way too far putting on above 25 pounds I’m pretty sure. I’m not 100% sure because towards the end of all my pregnancies I sort of refuse to weigh myself. In the end, I feel like the due date is fast approaching and I don’t really want to know what my weight is. There is little you can do to manage your weight at that time anyway, so I feel like it’s sort of pointless to monitor the change in the last week. 

I certainly have the most maternity pictures with Angelina in my belly than the other two combined. I think this is a combination of what I had mentioned earlier about celebrating my body a lot more, and posting constant updates on social media. Seeing a whole new community of other mothers showing off their precious bumps inspired me to also open up about happiness to show off my own bump. Also when I was pregnant with Angelina, my final child, I felt a tiny sense of “oh my goodness, I will never carry a baby again in my womb”, and that reminded me how fleeting the moment was and when it’s over (and it does certainly come to an end) it’s so final. Seeing this process come full circle a few times, made me really hold on to the beauty of that journey. Ironically, the most important part of all is when it comes to a wondrous end…or rather, a beautiful beginning 

Photography: Ashley Amerman

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