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Stephany’s Choice: Dress: ASOS || Shoes: TOPSHOP || Clutch: ASOS 

The day we went to Antibes was so beautiful. The ferris wheel wasn’t there last year when we went. It’s truly a toss up as to weather it’s more fun to ride it in the day or night. I think I enjoyed the daylight better, you can see a lot more, and further out. It’s a perfect view of both the city and the sea. As the ferris wheel is brand new, the lights are modern and change colors and everything is super clean and spotless. The kids had a blast riding in it, but there weren’t any belts and to be honest I was slightly freaking out the whole time. Usually I have zero fear of heights but being out numbered with three tiny kids and thinking of all the terrible scenarios that could happen was slightly unnerving. Having said that, they absolutely loved it, of course, and they may argue the best part is the cotton candy at the end. Hehe. Although my dress was pretty adorable (if I do say so myself ;)) It probably want the most practical thing I could have worn that day. It had these huge dramatic long bell sleeves, which I still adore, but days were warm and I would have been a lot happier in something lighter. I’d push this back a season and say this is more of a Spring or early Fall piece, hence- the reason I am posting it today! yay!

Although this particular dress has been sold out on the site, I’m still loving all the smock dresses and gingham looks. Angelina is defiantly still rocking her little onesie looks and she is so dang funny with her tiny little teeth peeping out! I love seeing her crack up at the tiniest thing. She smiles when she conquers an obstacle and I can see this total look of pride and accomplishment in her eyes. She gets so proud of herself. Sometimes she does this really cute move where she will pull herself up on her own and then do this little “bounce” dance move right at the end. She makes me laugh everyday and her spirit is so playful and uplifting. Kind of like a little puppy or something. Which makes me think.. It’s time to seriously start the Halloween costume organization! What are you thinking of dressing up as this Halloween?!

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