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Little White Dress with Harper and Bay









Stephany’s Choice: Nursing Dress: HARPER & BAY 

I can’t believe I’ve almost reached my goal for breastfeeding for 1 year!

Angelina is now 10.5 months and although I do have to accept that nursing is winding down I can’t help but worry that I may miss this. The cuddles, the closeness the bonding. Time stops and we curl up together on the couch for a check-in and it feels great.

I guess what I will miss most is my baby.

In a way, I’m saying goodbye to my newborn and I have to accept the reality that I will never have this again. The finality of this is so scary. In other ways I feel like we are ready. I know what a relief it will be for to not have to worry about breastfeeding. I can drink wine, wear regular (pretty) bras again, any clothes-not just breastfeeding friendly ones. I’m hoping for a goodnight sleep too, as much as I love the late night (or all night ) snuggles, teaching her to call for a bottle will allow me to set her up and then dispatch from the room entirely. I know I sound totally all over the map here, maybe I still have mixed emotions about this.

Maybe what it boils down to is, I love the closeness, I love my baby, but I know that the time for us to move on is also going to be a good thing. Sometimes I’m so afraid of change, especially with my children, especially when things are going so great. What I have learned, however, is that yes things do change, but they only get better. As the old proverb goes, “without change there would be no butterflies”.

Are you ever afraid of change? How do you battle transition? 

A day in Nice





















Stephany’s Choice : Dress : ZARA 

We had such a great time walking around Nice that minutes turned to hours and before you know it we were having dinner there. We walked through the Antique Market, and the Flower Market. Stopped at our favorite Gelato shop along the way! The kids love to go on the merry-go-ride, and Angelina enjoyed the busy walks around the city. After having been to Nice several times, sometimes with one baby, then with two and now with three, we’ve learned a few good lessons along the way. First, I would always advise to bring one stroller per child, umbrella strollers are best for traveling. Always pack snacks. Kleenex is King!! Use the bathroom before leaving the house and most importantly NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOUR KIDS. Not to sound bossy, but this is something that I always have to remember. With the new and exciting world around you, the traffic and the unknown, it is so easy to loose track of your belongings. Most importantly our kids. You don’t have to be paranoid to the point of not having any fun, but it’s just something to keep in mind. Lastly, just have fun. Sometimes we forget to enjoy ourselves because we are so busy trying to tick something off the list, or we are overwhelmed by the challenge of a language or a bad traffic situation. Remember that even the low lights of a trip are sometimes the ones you look back on and laugh about the most. 

Love and Lace



FullSizeRender 187












Stephany’s Choice: Lace Romper : FOREVER21 || Heels : NORDSTROM

Warm days are winding down but it still feels good to wear shorts and sandals for as long as I can get away with it. I love the romance of cream and lace. Something about it feels so timeless and decadent just like here in the South of France. I always panic slightly when it’s time to pack for my trip but sometimes I find that less is more. A playsuit like this is so easy and feels more practical and flirty than a dress. At least for me it’s great to have the shorts part of it on because I’m chasing the kids and pushing strollers even when I’m on vacation. The parts that I enjoy the most are discovering and rediscovering the beautiful little villages in the South. We stroll through the streets stopping at little cafes and boutiques. I know this sounds so cheesy but I love tourist and souvenir stores. I also think I could have a croissant with my cafe au last every morning for breakfast and the seafood pasta every night for dinner, for the rest of my life!! haha.

Pajamas and high heels


FullSizeRender 185



FullSizeRender 183


FullSizeRender 182



Stephany’s Choice: Top : H&M || Shorts: H&M || Heels: NORDSTROM

This vacation in the South of France has really been a dream. We are so blessed that we can come here to relax and take in the provincial life. I always leave so inspired by the beauty of the natural elements, like the beautiful blue sea. I also love the different villages and how charming they are. There is this perfect blend of just casual and easy sophisticated. Does that give me an excuse to walk around in my fancy pjs?! I think so ! I love the print of this look as well, it feels so tropical, yet the rust gives it a quiet Fall vibe too. Typically I wouldn’t wear high heels if we were going to do lots of walking before ending up at the restaurant for dinner but tonight we were going pretty much straight to the pizza place in Saint Paul De Vence. It’s one of our favorite villages and the views at the top are spectacular. The other fun part is people watching and seeing all the other dinner guests. It’s always an international crowd, sun-kissed and beautiful. Swimming all day and cruising around French villages all night, perfect! ♥ 

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for stopping by!




Saint Tropez




Saint Tropez is so beautiful. Strolling through the village was so relaxed and lovely. It was really fun looking at some of the local art inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Style Icon! The colors of the town are are faded pastel pretty colors. There are flowers everywhere and charming little boutiques and cafes. Being right next to the water is also beautiful, it gives a sense of magic that you can run off into a boat out to sea after strolling through the village all day. A perfect balance of luxury and simplicity. 

Stephany’s Choice : Lemon Yellow dress :From the Saint Tropez market! Sunglasses (an all time fav!) : House of Harlow ; Messenger Bag : Louis Vuitton ; Pink slippers : Relax 


In the Garden


IMG_6513 2

IMG_6559 6




I absolutely love this dress. There is so much right about it I’m not sure where to start. Its so comfortable and the fit is so flattering. The print is so clever and it covers up in all the right spots. It was nice to have when my bump was smaller, and it will be really nice to grow into it as my bump gets bigger. Its pretty for summer, but has enough of a sleeve so I can wear it into the fall. This day we were going off for a walk in the Village. It was a perfectly warm lovely day, and being in France is a great balance of relaxation and beauty. Spending time with the family has also been a gift. The kids are happy and I could come back every year forever…

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: PinkBlush Maternity ; Saint Tropez bag : Kiwi; Flower crown: TopShop

Feeling Peachy










Walking through the village of Vence was a total delight. The kids stopped to drink fresh water from the fountain,and we enjoyed browsing through the little boutiques along the way. There is a little carousel in the center of the village, we spent quite a bit of time there too of course!!

Stephany’s Choice: Sunglasses : House of Harlow ; Dress : Kafcannes ; Ring : H&M ; Messenger Bag : Louis Vuitton.