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Whale of a time!! With Smockingbird Kids

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Summer is here and that means all the kids are home from school! It’s a little daunting when you think about that for the first time. An open schedule and three under six! Luckily the pool is something the kids love to visit and yesterday Angelina took her first swim!! She absolutely loved it! I think I may have three water babies on my hands! The older children are so patient with Angelina, they never splashed water on her face or lost their temper with me consuming most of my time with her. These pictures were taken earlier this week in the garden and trying to get Alexander in the shot is like trying to rope in a wild bird into the frame. Once captured, however, the picture is complete 

Annabelle’s Choice: Whale Smocked two piece: SmockingBird Kids

Alexander’s Choice: Whale Smocked two piece: SmockingBird Kids

Angelina’s Choice: Whale Smocked bubble : SmockingBird Kids

Bows and Ties, with Dainty Jewell’s

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Girls wear bows and beaus wear ties! That’s how we like to get dressed up around here! The easiest thing to do, if it’s possible, is just duplicate the look that works best to match with your mini!! That simplifies the process of getting dressed up!! So instead of choosing five seperate looks, the adults can choose first and then coordinate similar pieces for the children!! Why not? Don’t little ones like to mirror what their parents are doing, saying and wearing? One day they will grow up and become teenagers and won’t want anything to do with what we are doing. However, until we have to face that battle, let’s celebrate that we’ve won this one!!

Annabelle is so sweet with her little flowers, she always manages to find something pretty when we are outdoors, and I’m the lucky gift recipient! Alexander is getting harder to pin down, he is pretty good at smiling for the camera once we’ve managed to pin him down long enough to take a picture. Angelina on the other hand, has no idea what’s going on. She does however just love the light of the flash and the sound it makes !! I hope they love these pictures when they grow up as much as I do today.

Thank you to the lovely Dainty Jewell’s for sending Annabelle and me these stunning pink dresses!! They are so elegant and flattering. The bow detail at the top is so sweet and I don’t have to worry about picking out necklaces or jewelry ! It also comes in six gorgeous colors, choosing just one was the hardest part.  All the looks at Dainty Jewell’s come in a range of sizes S-3X!! Their bridesmaids dresses are all so elegant, and modest. I love how darling the little girl range is too( especially when it matches with Mama 😉 )!!

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Dainty Jewell’s Signature Bow Dress // Shoes : TopShop

Michael’s Choice: Suit : Calvin Klein// Shoes: ECCO // Tie : Balmain // Shirt : Eden Park

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : Dainty Jewell’s Signature Bow Dress// Shoes: Ivanka Trump // Tights: Carter’s

Alexander’s Choice : Blazer :Cherokee // Badge : Pottery Barn Kids // Shirt : Target // Shoes : Target // Pants : H&M

Angelina’s Choice : Dress : Little Me// Headband: Claire’s Accessories



Fishin’ for some fun! With Smockingbird Kids












I can’t believe Mr. Fishin’ for some fun over here is about to turn 3!! Wow!! Time flies by so quickly when you have little kids! The baby and toddler phase feel like they last forever but when they are coming to an end you realize what a small chapter this stage is!! Alexander continues to be the kind and sweet boy he has always been. He says “Hello!!” to every single person he comes across and always says ” Goodbye!! Have a nice day- and good luck!!” He is so trusting and friendly, I hope the world will match the love he is is handing out. I hope he always continues to be trusting, and that people are good to him. I hope that when he lets someone go ahead of him in line for the slide that in return that person will thank him, or that the next person in line will encourage Alexander to take his turn. It may sound so silly, but as a mother I worry about his tender heart and how vulnerable it can be. Let’s be kind to one another, after all we are all someone’s baby Alexander. 

I love this adorable and sweet little Smockingbird Kids outfit. They have just the loveliest outfits for kiddies. The quality is so soft and so comfy to play around in. It always looks so put together when the top and bottom are matching. The details of the fisherman are so sweet and remind me of summer time and being outdoors. We aren’t in summer yet, but will take any inspiration to head outside for some fun, fresh air, and exploring. 

Alexander’s Choice: Gone Fishin’ Smocked Sage Gingham pants set : Smockingbird Kids // Shoes : Addidas // Hat: Target

Merry Christmas! Pinkblush






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Merry Christmas Everyone!! Family fun on this special day!! Waking up early with the children and hanging out in pajamas all morning is what it’s all about!! We love our Pink Christmas tree too! Adding ornaments that are fun characters that the kids recognize and enjoy makes it extra fun. Our favorites this year are these adorable cartoon Cat Woman and Batman ones! Collecting different and unexpected decorations from all over the world makes for wonderful memories and allows us to revisit some of our favorite moments from the past.

The best part about Christmas is of course-SANTA! -Just kidding! The best part about Christmas is spending it with family. As cheesy as that may sound, it’s the togetherness that makes the magic. I feel so blessed that my wonderful family came from so far away to share this important milestone with us, Angelina’s first Christmas.

Thank you Dad, Kevin, Annabelle, Alexander and Angelina for making this holiday so beautiful. A special thank you to my mother a tremendous help and partner who not only makes it more fun but also makes it look so easy. Love you all.

This year I decided to dress all the kids up in Holiday fun pajamas! They looked so cute in their Christmas inspired little outfits. My lovely plaid flannel tunic from Pinkblush is just the cutest thing! It’s simply adorable for the season, and feels casual and comfy too. The length keeps it versitile. Here i’m wearing it as a dress with my chunky over the knee socks but as soon as it gets chillier outside ill slip it over my denimn skinny jeans. It also comes in a different darker shade of red, and is currently on sale today!! woohoo!!

Stephany’s Choice: Plaid Flannel Tunic : Pinkblush // Socks: Topshop // Headband: Claire’s Accessories// Cuff: Chanel

Annabelle’s Choice: Pajamas : Carter’s // Hair bows : Target

Angelina’s Choice : Onesie :First Impressions // Crown : The Blueberry Hill// Red Bow : Claire’s Accessories

Alexander’s Choice: Pajamas : Carter’s

Christmas Tree Ornaments: Cartoon Characters: Target// Princesses : Disney// Silver Letters : Pottery Barn Kids


Playing in Plaid!! Smockingbird



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Play all day!! Santa is right around the corner especially for all the good little boys and girls!! I’m sure Alexander has impressed Santa this year! He has had so many changes going on in his little life!! This year he became a big brother!! I was a little concerned about how he was going to take his big brother promotion but I am so pleased  to say that he has been the best big brother!! He is just so sweet with baby Angelina! He adores snuggling with her in the mornings, caresses her head gently and kisses her on her cheek. It makes my heart melt. Of course Angelina can’t play with him at the park yet 🙂 He loves flying on his little blue scooter and chasing Annabelle! I am so proud of you Alexander!! 

Because Alexander is my little gentleman, I thought he was totally adorable in his little suit and tie! Of course because he is so fun loving , he completely pops in these gorgeous Smockingbird Kids Red Plaid pants!! They are so adorable, festive and fun!! No problem spotting out this cutie at the park!!! Light and comfy, he is so happy in these he has no idea that they secretly double as both chic and trendy;) 

Alexander’s Choice: Red Plaid Pants : Smockingbird Kids// White Shirt: Old Navy// Tie: Gymboree// Shoes: Gymboree// Blazer: Cherokee( Target) // Badge: Pottery Barn Kids