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A little Lilac, with Smocking Bird Kids

Angelina Bowman in Smocking Bird kids

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Baby girl is 8 months old and I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly! She’s starting to eat more and more food and nurse less and less. Her favorite thing in the world is watermelon and I wonder if it’s because I ate so much of it when I was pregnant last summer with her. She loves to hang off my arm, and her favorite book is Marvin K Mooney Will you Please Go Now, by Dr. Seuss. I feel like she is one of us, listening in on the conversations and really integrating into the group. One thing she does not like to do is go swimming. I hope that will change because the rest of us love going to the pool. I love this girl so much, and can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she’ll be in next!

She can babble a little bit “mamamamama” and is starting to pull herself onto furniture. I think Angelina will be crawling any moment. I can tell she is a girl on the go and loves to keep it moving! Right now she can put her self on all fours and I’ve even seen her crawl backward too. I’m sure by the time we get back from France she’ll be pretty mobil. Still no sign of teeth or hair, haha. 

Baby doll bubble is sweet as candy and perfect for hot summer days, this is definitely coming to France with us, I love the monogram on both the Bonnet and the outfit, the bonnet is great for keeping the sun out of her eyes and cooling her head and it goes with everything. A great accessory for here and holiday too. 

Angelina’s Choice: Bubble: SMOCKINGBIRD KIDS || Bonnet: SMOCKINGBIRD KIDS

Baby blue with Smockingbird Kids

















This little girl is so spunky I can hardly keep up with her! Spending all this summer vaca time together is a lot of fun, but I forget how much of a busy bee she actually is. She has so many questions and I try my best to make sure I answer them as accurately and openly as I can. Her questions are so specific as well…”What age was I went we first traveled to France?” or ” What do you remember about the last time we were in Monaco?” One of the things we’ve been doing in our down time at home is watching some of my favorite childhood musicals, Sound of Music, anyone?! So, Annabelle’s favorite part is when Maria marries the Captain. I just ducked in now to re-watch it with her (she kept it on pause for me!) and it’s remarkable how stunning it still is, even today. So elegant, so perfect. I love reliving these magic moments of my childhood with Annabelle and watching her fall in love with them too. One  thing that sort of struck me at the beginning of the movie, is Maria! And how eerily similar she is to Annabelle ” how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?!” It clicked. Annabelle is just like Maria, it’s so funny how life really does come full circle. 

This sweet little dress got Annabelle so much attention the day she wore it. People kept stopping her and saying , “Well, Hello Cinderella” or ” are you Snow White?!” In fact it’s not technically a princess dress, but I think there is something quite elegant and regal about it! Not only that but the best part?! Make it personal with a monogram! 

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress: SMOCKING BIRD KIDS + it’s on Sale || Shoes : KEDS || Bow : LIBBY LOU BOUTIQUE 

Call me baby









Exactly one more week till France and I’m still trying to organize exactly what I need versus what I want to bring with me. One thing I’m taking for sure are these heels. I think I wear them probably more than any other item in my closet right now. They match everything, are super comfy and the pink is so cute. They come in a mint color that I’m thinking of ordering too. Probably will include a simple white dress like this one, and then maybe I’ll have some room in my bag to do a little shopping when I get there! Now wouldn’t that be a nice idea! I love going to the market with my mom. She has such a great eye for cute finds. This year I want to buy some little baby things for Angelina, last year I was pregnant but didn’t know I was having a girl. So this time, I’m really going to have fun with it. Also on the look out for all things matching!! So excited!!

This bag is so epic, that even Michael noted how cute it was! Black, white, and PINK! And the telephone!!! It’s the cutest thing ever, and actually its a very practical messenger bag, that is the perfect size, and very usable. I love it, and it’s on sale right now!

Thanks for following along with me, let me know what’s your favorite accessory of the season?!

Stephany’s Choice : Dress : ANTHROPOLOGIE ( Similar here + on sale) and (Similar here) || Shoes : ASOS || Bag : BESTSY JOHNSON ♥

Beautiful blossoms














Exploring the streets of Deep Ellum, and already found our new favorite sushi spot, Deep Sushi! We really wanted to sit somewhere outside and listen to live music, but once we stumbled on a sushi option we could hardly remember what the initial plan was supposed to be. Next time, out door patio and BBQ for sure though! Deep Ellum has a really relaxed vibe and I just love checking out all the murals on the walls. Some really creative, and pretty ones too. I love the idea of being able to stroll about the destination instead of just driving over there, parking the car and leaving. Not really a kiddy place though, but that’s just fine, nice to have something adult only to look forward to!!

This gorgeous dress, is a star find, and I just adore the fit. It’s so flattering and comfortable to wear. I would say it’s even a little formal and you could totally throw this on for a dinner party, special occasion or just evening dinner and drinks. Also, a very Spring feel to it because of the blossoms. I like to call this one, Fresh Beginnings! Well worth the investment, and a timeless classic. 

Stephany’s choice: Dress : ANTHROPOLOGIE || Shoes: ASOS 



The Pink Ladies, With Smocking Bird Kids

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These sisters get along so well I can hardly believe it. Ok, they haven’t spent a whole lot of time together but the times they have shared have always gone so smoothly. I’m lucky that Annabelle is at an age where she is happy and willing to make an effort to play with a baby. Although I never leave them unattended for more than a few moments, I can tell she has a keen sense of safety and responsibility when it comes to her baby sissy. Angelina, in return, absolutely adores Annabelle so much. When she lays eyes on her in the morning her whole face brightens up. Six years may be the perfect age gap for them as there is enough of an age difference that they may not end up competing with one another, but close enough where they can still enjoy each others company. I for one am so excited to step back and watch this special bond bloom and grow.

We love to have the girls in matching outfits. This is such a sweet and pretty playtime look for both girls. It’s so fresh and lovely for the summer time, and looks equally flattering on each. The fabric is so soft and light, because let’s face it, here in Dallas, this summer has been hot, hot, hot!! 

Annabelle’s Choice: Outfit : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS || Shoes : TARGET on clearance under $6 || Bow: LIBBY LOU BOWTIQUE

Angelina’s Choice: Outfit : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS || Bow: CLAIRES 

Hello Sunshine



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Hello Sunshine! And just like that we are almost back into the weekend! What is it about summer days flying past at a faster rate than any other season?! I was worried I wouldn’t have enough activities to keep the kids busy for these long summer days but actually filling up time has been no challenge at all. The kids have been really sweet and helpful, especially with Angelina. They have been patient and apart from the several “emergency” visits to the bathroom daily, everything has been pretty low key. I do want to make it a point to draft out a list of what I’d like to accomplish this summer season, for me and the kids, because I feel if I blink then the time has come and gone. Would adding some reading material to my list and theirs be too ambitious?!!! Also on the brain, PACKING FOR FRANCE!!- just two more weeks left till take off!!!

Let’s take a fashion moment to contemplate the value of a good basic…When I first saw these rainbow colored, candy stripped shorts I thought they were so adorable. But then I immediately set them down because I had no idea what I would “match” them up with. Suddenly I had an epiphany. They go with EVERYTHING!! And just like that I found my new favorite summer neural!! I even wear them under my little summer dresses for an extra layer.

*Note: mine are a size Medium and are plenty big, if you want a more fitted feel go down a size.

Thanks for stopping by! What’s you favorite Summer neutral??

Stephany’s Choice: Top: ANTHROPOLOGIE || Shorts: ANTHROPOLOGIE || Shoes : ASOS || Bag : ALICE + OLIVIA || Cuffs : CHLOE (Similar here) and (Similar here

Angelina’s Choice: Onsie: GERBER || Headband : BABIES R US (Similar here

Baby Blue, with Smocking Bird Kids










It is fitting that Annabelle’s favorite color at the moment is violet. She tends to waver a little bit between all the pinkish, purplish hues of the rainbow, it’s hard to keep it all straight sometimes! Spending the Summer with her and not committing to a particular schedule has been pretty liberating I must say. Although having all three kids is not without its challenges, having flexibility in our daily routine is really nice. I feel a lot more relaxed and I think that the kids can pick up on it. I have more “time” to tune my brain into the the little things. I feel like they aren’t going to be that interested in my opinion forever so I should be honored to be privy to their thoughts, opinions and day dreams, as long as I can.

This Summer dress is not only just darling it’s also soft and light. Right now, in Dallas, the weather is consistently over 95 and so you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. The sweet little detail is so pretty, I wish this came in my size!

Thank you for keeping up with us! Let me know what you’re favorite outfit is this Summer! 

Annabelle’s Choice : Dress : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS + it’s on sale || Shoes : KEDS || Bow : LIBBY LOU BOUTIQUE 

Ruffles in Rose

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The long holiday weekend is over and it’s back to real life now! One new thing that I can really look forward to are Fridays! Not just for the obvious reason of being the weekend (although that’s great too!) but Michael and I are starting to have date nights more regularly now. We don’t do anything “crazy” but we get a bite to eat, try a new spot and even have a small cocktail. It’s been really fun going out again. I almost forgot how nice it was just to be a carefree couple again, no kids, no babies. Since I’ve been out of the night scene so long, I had to attempt the glam routine in half the time I use to. This is tough because I probably could use twice the amount of time to get ready, most of it for R&R before heading out. 

That’s when the perfect adorable dress comes into play! When you have a cute little dress it will do the work for you and you won’t have to make so much of an effort. I found this lovely pink dress!! It’s got all of my favorite details all in one!! PINK andRUFFLES!! It was such a no brainer I didn’t even try it on at the store! I just love it, and am packing it up for holiday in France 100%!! I know I could pair this up with flats, cute ballerinas, or pump it up with high heels for a more fancy flair. OBSESSED! 

Thanks for keeping up with me, what are your favorite details that make up a perfect dress?! 

Stephany’s Choice: Pink dress : ZARA -sold out (Similar here) and (Similar here + on sale for $31) || Shoes : ASOS || Lipstick : MAC || Pink Clutch : (Similar here) and ( Similar here

Stars and Stripes

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Red, White and Blue! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! I am so looking forward to this long weekend! We are starting to build our own little family holiday traditions now. This weekend we will be doing lots of swimming, tanning, barbecuing and eating lots and lots of watermelon. I feel very lucky to be American and this country has provided so much for me and my family. 

Fun Fact: Only one of my three children was born in the United States! Angelina, born in Dallas, Texas November 1st 2016 . Annabelle and Alexander were both born in London during our three year job assignment in the UK!

My favorite piece of todays outfit is the hair crystals! I am just so crushing on hair pieces and jewelry at the moment. I love how it add that subtle but pretty little sparkle. This one is so comfortable and secure I forgot I was even wearing it. You could also add it to a messy bun for fun, or a chunky braid is next on my style trial list! If you don’t have anything red, white or blue don’t panic! I found this gorgeous scarf and it will go with anything!! Wear it anywhere and you are all set for the weekend! I wore mine all week and had SO many compliments. You can also wear it after the holiday is over, it’s that cute! ♥

Happy Independence day everyone!!

Stephany’s Choice: Jumpsuit : ZARA || Hair Band : BEBE || Heels : SAM EDLEMAN (similar here) and (here)|| Scarf : TARGET (under $15)

Ice Blue



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It’s hot hot hot here in Texas so wearing ice blue may have been a subconscious color choice! We’ve been swimming as much as possible and the kids are having a great time at their summer camps. This leaves me a lot of free time with little Angelina and I know for now she is still on MY schedule. So, we’ve been touring the Dallas Art District. So many awesome galleries and Antique stores. What I love so much about antique stores is not only the beauty and value of the pieces, but the history and the stories they bring with them. Feeling nostalgic and dreamy vibes all day.

 I dressed up Angelina in her cute gold crown and picked out metallic accessories for my look. This can easily be a day to night outfit, and the metallics are surprisingly neutral.

I have put together my 3 reasons why metallic accessories are your best buy for the season:

They go with everything

Metalics, such as gold, silver, bronze match any color or pattern. Consider them lucid like water, or shiny like hair. They are just a drop of sparkle and shine and are fool proof if you are in a shoe, purse or jewelry jam!

Dress them up or down

Consider metallic items like a diamond ring. You can wear them in the day or in the evening. The day time look will feel light and etherial because metallics are almost like a “glass slipper” invisible but pretty. In the evening they will drop to the background but if they reflect light they will appear bright and edgy

Mix and match

Gold, silver, bronze, or champagne are all in the same color family. If you have a gold watch you can pair it with silver earrings, or bright pink shoes, mixing and matching is fun and easy.

Stephany’s Choice : Blue Dress : Anthropology || Purse : (Similar here +on sale for $15) || Shoes : (Similar here + on sale for under $23) || Cuff : (Similar here)

Angelina’s Choice: Cream Dress: Kardashian Kids (Similar here + on sale)  || Gold Crown : MINIMAGPIEKIDS