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These are the times and the moments that we want to treasure forever. They are hectic, crazy, fun and fleeting! They fly by in a moment, and although we want to remember, we try to hold on to it, other precious moments are born and soon, we forget. This is why the value of capturing the moment is so essential. Its not always easy, in fact, the process can be pretty daunting especially when you throw in toddlers, heat, and different personalities into the mix. After a lot of trial and any errors, here are a couple of things you can do to put together a family moment that can last a life time..

Find a theme:

Do a “family picture” search online . Reflect on images of your family or others that you loved. Were they at a park? Were they at home? In a garden? Formal? Causual? Try to brainstorm as to what mood you are drawn too, and what is actually available to you. After you think of a list of your favorite ideas ask yourself: Is this feasable? Is this family friendly? Make sure its something that you can easily acquire, the simpler the better.


Simple and coordinated is ideal. For the picture to look homogeneous choose colors in the same family, one color for everyone, or different tones of the same palette. Find a color that suits and flatters everyone. White, navy or cream are no lose, easy and flattering shades for all. They are also classic colors that will be able to stand the test of time.

Start early :

Prepare everything or as much as you can in advance. Have everyone’s look from accessories, to shoes already picked out. Make sure everything is spotless and organized, this will help you on the day of your shoot. If you know that you’re going to put your children in white socks and navy shorts, pull them out of the closet days earlier so that you don’t mistakenly use them during the week, and then find yourself scrabbling to replace them the day of the portrait.

Choose a day and time:

Find a time of the day where there is lots of natural light and the weather conditions are optimal. I prefer the morning as it is bright enough outside but not too hot to stay out for a little while. The mornings are also ideal because everyone has a lot of energy, and no one has gotten sticky or messy from the activities of the day. Sundays are great, parks aren’t too busy and there is a relaxed feeling in the air.

Have fun:

Don’t forget that these pictures are capturing the good times, so remember to have some fun! Run, jump, hug, laugh, have a good time!! It will show in the image. It will elevate the photograph from immortal to memorable and treasured. I also find from personal experience that the most “natural” pictures are my favorite. Ask the photographer to be sure to keep shooting even when the pose isn’t staged or picture perfect. To keep snapping away, because a lot of times it’s in these  unrehearsed moments where the true essence is captured, and magic is made.

Good Luck!! Let me know if you have any added tips or ideas, I would love to hear them!!! ♥

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: MADELEINE (Maternity) ;Shoes: Top Shop ; Bracelettes: Marni; Bag: Michael Kors; Head Band: Claire’s Accessories

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress: Samara; Blouse: Smocked Auctions; Shoes: Gucci

Alexander’s Choice: Jacket: Cherokee; Shirt: Cherokee; Shoes: Target; Badge: Pottery Barn Kids

Michael’s Choice: Blazer: Eden Park; Shirt: Lands End; Pants: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Doucal’s