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Going Gold, With BUMPStyle Box





Hello Sunshine!!

A perfect day for coffee and magazines (AKA mommy time!!)!

Sometimes us busy girls need to stop everything, pack up and get out for some quiet “recharge” time- no apologies necessary ūüėČ Finally caught up on some reading, Fall fashion inspiration, and a walk in the sun. Vitamin D always a good thing, and light easy exercise outdoors doesn’t really feel like a “work” out at all…Lucky Me, its a lovely day to feel like sunshine!

Thank you so much to¬†BUMPStyle Box¬†for sending me this beautiful golden, buttercup Blouse!! It’s just lovely. Feels like the perfect cross-over between the bright summer palettes and the Golden Fall tones.

In a few weeks this would pair so easily with Skinny jeans, and hey, could carry on as a non-maternity piece in the closet for seasons to come!! All around, a fab Fall, and versatile piece!!!

Five Golden stars!!! ♥

Stephany’s Choice

Top : BUMPStyle Box ; Shorts :Target ; Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana; Bracelets: MARNI ; Shoes: Top Shop; BackPack: Louis Vuitton 

Black & White Bliss With BUMPStyle Box!!




IMG_8992 2

IMG_8996 2


IMG_8995 2



IMG_8987 2


How gorgeous is this black and white jersey dress?!! OMG!! Thank you so much to my awesome Stylist Hannah at BUMPStyle Box for cherry picking this perfect maternity look for me!!

First off, let’s talk BUMPStyle Box !!

If you are unaware of this awesome company let me fill you in on a little secret-they are amazing! I’ll be teaming up with them to show off these fab looks and how exactly you can get your hands (or bumps) into these pieces, and working with these talented and skilled (and stylish) stylists.

It’s almost to easy to be fair…All you have to do is sign up at¬†BUMPStyle Box.

The next part is so fun, you literally answer a fashion survey about your own personal look, style favorites, go to colors, flattering dress shapes, etc..and thats it!! The next day a stylist will contact you informing you that your BUMPStyle Box is ready to be shipped and will be at your door in days!! How easy is that?!!

Working mothers, full time mothers, distraught “I don’t know how to dress my bump” mothers-this is our answer!!

Besides, how cute is this little dress?!! Since I’ve missed my Fall¬†accessories so much I’ve added my Fedora hat to the look! Stylish sneakers for all us ladies on the go, and presto Fall Fashion Perfection!!

Happy Friday Friends!!‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice

Dress: BUMPStyle Box (Ingrid & Isabel); Hat :French Connection; Shoes: ALDO; Necklace: Marni for H&M ; Sunglasses : House of Harlow 


Hello Fall!! With PinkBlush Maternity!








Another gorgeous weekend! Still a little warm for all the Fall accessories, but with the rainy Saturday morning we had, its a whisper of cooler weather to come. On the plus side, its a nudge to remind us of how lovely it still is outside, so days like these when we can go out and explore without facing the elements are numbered! Fall officially arrived on Friday in the mail! This PinkBlush Blouse is just stunning! Its going to be very hard to strip it off of me! I think I’ll probably live in this outfit for the rest of the season!! Its so light and breezy, and is the perfect length. Right now I’m wearing it with shorts, but when it gets cooler, I’ll switch over to Jeans! Here I’ve had some fun mixing and matching with different shoes and boots( can you tell I’m fall accessory hungry?!! :))¬†‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice: Dress:¬†PinkBlush Maternity;¬†Blue Boho Maternity Blouse¬†(Navy Bohemian Bell Sleeve Off Shoulder Maternity Blouse) ;¬†Hat :TopShop; ¬† Over the knee socks: Free People; Shoes : TopShop¬†

Bumpdate: week 32!

IMG_8448 2





Week 32 is already here!! I can’t believe it! Time has gone by so quickly. I’m starting to get very excited as my due date is getting closer. The pressure is also starting to kick in, however. I still haven’t prepared anything for baby. Next week I think I will start collecting things for my hospital bag, and the nursery. Coming towards the last few pages of my Lucy Darling “baby bump tracking” markers! I absolutely loved this product! The stickers are just adorable, and it helps you (and your little ones at home) have an idea of how big baby is. The fruits as they were, were ¬†something tangible that we could imagine. It’s also fun to look back at the images from the first and second trimester now, which seem so small in retrospect!! Today we are moving onto bigger, bulkier examples like Squash and eventually pumpkin- which is timely as baby is expected days after Halloween!!¬†‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice: Stickers: Lucy Darling (ETSY)

Third Trimester

IMG_7907 5

IMG_7908 5






Now in my Third Trimester I’m finally starting to slow down a little. I’m feeling quite a bit heavier, and filling out most of my clothes. I tend to gravitate more to my maternity things now, and anything that is easy to take on or off!! I still love the little dresses as it makes getting dressed a lot easier. One dress is a whole look/outfit and that makes life simple! As I’m drawing nearer to the end, now I have to start planning for baby!! Must revisit my baby name books, buy little new born clothes(yay!), nursing bras, nursing pads, nursing clothes-all things nursing!! I still have a lot of work to do! Hospital bag is also on the list!!Better pull out the “to-do list!!”¬†‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice: First look( week 28): Dress: The Market at St. Tropez

Second look(week 27): Dress:  The market in Nice

Third look (week 29): Lilli Pulitzer for Target

Stickers: Lucy Darling Shop (Etsy) 

Second Trimester
















Almost all of my second Trimester has been in France on Holiday. Certainly all of it has been in the lovely and warm summer months. It’s actually the first time that I am pregnant throughout the summer which has been amazing! No pants, no waistbands, no layers. Just simple little summer dresses, and light shoes!! Finding clothes has been so easy, and growing into them, not an issue at all. If you can plan to be pregnant, this is what I would advise as the optimal time.

Also, traveling in my Second Trimester has been great too. No morning sickness and exhaustion from the First Trimester. Still light enough to walk around freely and comfortably. The doctor will let you travel till you are into your 27 th week, and I think we did just that. If you can do it, I’d vote for you to go for it!!¬†‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice:

Black and white dress: PinkBlush Maternity

First look(18 weeks): Top : LUCY & LAUREL ; Shorts : Free People; Shoes: Diesel

Second look(19 weeks): Top: TopShop ; Shorts: Zara

Third look(20 weeks): Leopard Top: H&M; Gold purse: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana

Fourth look(21 weeks): Dress : Maternity from Target; sunglasses : Anthropology

Fifth look(22 weeks): Dress: Chloe; Shoes: ALDO; Fedora hat : Tildon

Sixth look(23 weeks): Dress: The market in Saint Tropez ; Hat: Anthropology

Seventh look( 24 weeks): Dress: Target Maternity; Hat: TopShop; Messenger bag: Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana; Shoes: ALDO

Eighth look(25 weeks): Flower Crown: TopShop; Purse: Sarahsbags 

Ninth look(26 weeks): Dress: ZARA

Stickers: Lucy Darling Shop


Bumpdate: week 31!



IMG_8077 3





At home things are great, thankfully the weather is starting to cool off a little! I’m not looking forward to wearing pants, but the heat was getting a little unbearable with this extra weight on!! Annabelle and Alexander are both in school programs now, which opens up a little independent mommy time for me! I haven’t even started with a to-do list for baby yet, so I’m going to have a lot of work to do these last few weeks!! Having said all that, I’m starting to get really, really excited now that the final weeks are nearing! I will miss this bump though!!¬†‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: this empire waist, shades of turquoise dress is so pretty and comfy!! In fact I’m lucky enough to have it in two colors! This dress was a gift from my mom, who has impeccable style and taste! Unfortunately there is no indication of where it is from or what size it is, but if your looking for a late pregnancy dress that’s flattering, keep your eyes open for a cut similar to this. You won’t be disappointed!!¬†

Picnic with Mini








It was so much fun dressing up together!! We loved wearing everything all matchy matchy and felt like twins for the day! I think Annabelle may have styled us a little differently if it was totally up to her !! She brought along a whole collection of princess tiaras to the picnic and advised we try them on in rotation!! Haha!! I guess thats the fun in having a little girl. She brings her own sparkle to the fun, and keeps things fresh and new. I hope we can have moments and days like these forever. Right now I’m still pretty much in charge of dressing her, but I have a feeling that one of these days that is going to change. The roles will certainly be reversed , and thats fine with me, because I actually think that she’s the one with the better taste in style! At the very least, she sure knows how to have fun with it!!

I love you Miss Annabelle Leigh!! ♥

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Anthropology; Sunglasses: Anthropology ; Slippers: RELAX ; Fedora hat: Tildon

Annabelle’s Choice: dress: Lil Cactus ; slippers: RELAX

Lavender and Lace, With PinkBlush Maternity



IMG_6708 2





We just loved hanging out in the garden smelling lavender with my lovelies. We walked down to the apple tree, admired the roses, and played on the swing. A perfect summer afternoon. ‚ô•

Stephany’s Choice: White, lace, bell sleeve, maternity Tunic: PinkPlush Maternity; Shoes: Ecco¬†

¬†Annabelle’s Choice¬†: Dress: Lil Cactus




Saint Tropez




Saint Tropez is so beautiful. Strolling through the village was so relaxed and lovely. It was really fun looking at some of the local art inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Style Icon! The colors of the town are are faded pastel pretty colors. There are flowers everywhere and charming little boutiques and cafes. Being right next to the water is also beautiful, it gives a sense of magic that you can run off into a boat out to sea after strolling through the village all day. A perfect balance of luxury and simplicity. ♥

Stephany’s Choice : Lemon Yellow dress :From the Saint Tropez market! Sunglasses (an all time fav!) : House of Harlow ; Messenger Bag : Louis Vuitton ; Pink slippers : Relax¬†