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Halloween Bumpdate Special, With MAMAGAMAWORLD!!





38 week Bumpdate!! Okay it’s a little more festive than that!! It’s Halloween!!Which couldn’t be more fitting because of course baby is probably almost the size of a Pumpkin!!! I can’t believe that in just a few short DAYS I will be able to hold my little pumpkin in my arms! Right now I’m definitely feeling pretty large and in charge! Everyone is congratulating me on my baby, everywhere I go, so I must be clearly showing right now!! Trying to keep my energy levels high, It’s getting harder with the tossing and turning at night. My biggest battle is trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in at night. I’ve also given up on weighing myself (to be honest, I haven’t been able to face the scale for weeks now!! ;))  On this list of major to-dos left: Find a stroller and car seat solution, baby clothes, hospital robe, and a baby name!!!

Until then, at least I can have a little fun dressing up my bump!! The awesomely talented MAMAGAMAWORLD has sent me this absolutely adorable Pumpkin T-shirt!!! To be honest I had been dreaming about this piece for such a long time!! When I went to the sight EVERYTHING was just so so cute!!! It was so hard choosing my favorite!! And when I did this item was totally sold out for Halloween of course!! But look!! Great things happen in your Home Stretch!! It arrived!! In my Size!! WhoOOOOO hoooooo!!!!!!

Thank you MAMAGAMAWORLD!!!!!! 

Stephany’s choice: Top: MAMAGAMAWORLD; Mask: H&M; Shorts: TopShop

Royal Blue with Isabella Oliver












Having a little bit of a Kate Middleton moment in my Royal Blue Isabella Oliver Dress. Besides being just absolutely regal, this dress doubles as a nursing dress too. It’s really fun and pretty, and the adjustable wrapping fabric at the top allows for support and personal styling. Here I feature the tie (knot) in the front, but I’ve also worn it with the tie in the back. It creates a more simple look in the front, and a little point of interest in the back. Either way, It’s foul proof for sure. You can take this dress from the office, to dinner, its light weight jersey fabric is so comfy and modern. The classic Navy color, makes me feel sophisticated and pulled together. This is really something you can grown into, and keep even after baby. It’s also the perfect weight and cut for Fall. I’m noting this as my “maternity to motherhood Must-Have Item” !!

At 36 weeks, I’m starting to feel a lot less speedy on my feet. I think I may even have to force myself to slow down!! Must stay healthy, and hydrated! Starting to build my hospital bag as well. Looking for the perfect hospital robe!! It’s right around the corner!

So excited to meet you baby!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Isabella Oliver ; Emily Maternity Dress ; Boots: Zara; Bag : Louis Vuitton ; Hair Jewels: Anthropology; Sunglasses : Crapeyewear 

Must Have Little Black Dress, With Isabella Oliver!


IMG_0193 2




Hooray for the perfect chic Little Black Dress!! Black is the new Black and maternity clothing is no exception!! I am elated to get my hands on this gorgeous jersey LBD!! It is so elegant, pretty and flattering!! The best part is how stretchy and comfy it is!! I’m at 36 weeks with 3 weeks to go, and I think I’ll go ahead and live in this dress, thank you very much!! 🙂 It is so fool proof, it totally matches everything, can dress it up or down, and is perfect layer for fall. Here I’ve added some layers for fun , and everything looks great with it (including bumpy!!) Thank you to the Isabella Oliver friends for sending me this perfect maternity staple and what I’m calling this seasons Must Have Essential!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress:Isabella OliverAvery Maternity Dress ; Bag: Michael Kors; Boots : Zara ; Sunglasses : CRAPEYEWEAR ; Hat: French Connection; Gold Coat: ASOS; Fuzzy Clutch: Miu Miu

Sunday Best

Bowman Family

IMG_0003 2


IMG_9976 2


IMG_0027 2

These are the times and the moments that we want to treasure forever. They are hectic, crazy, fun and fleeting! They fly by in a moment, and although we want to remember, we try to hold on to it, other precious moments are born and soon, we forget. This is why the value of capturing the moment is so essential. Its not always easy, in fact, the process can be pretty daunting especially when you throw in toddlers, heat, and different personalities into the mix. After a lot of trial and any errors, here are a couple of things you can do to put together a family moment that can last a life time..

Find a theme:

Do a “family picture” search online . Reflect on images of your family or others that you loved. Were they at a park? Were they at home? In a garden? Formal? Causual? Try to brainstorm as to what mood you are drawn too, and what is actually available to you. After you think of a list of your favorite ideas ask yourself: Is this feasable? Is this family friendly? Make sure its something that you can easily acquire, the simpler the better.


Simple and coordinated is ideal. For the picture to look homogeneous choose colors in the same family, one color for everyone, or different tones of the same palette. Find a color that suits and flatters everyone. White, navy or cream are no lose, easy and flattering shades for all. They are also classic colors that will be able to stand the test of time.

Start early :

Prepare everything or as much as you can in advance. Have everyone’s look from accessories, to shoes already picked out. Make sure everything is spotless and organized, this will help you on the day of your shoot. If you know that you’re going to put your children in white socks and navy shorts, pull them out of the closet days earlier so that you don’t mistakenly use them during the week, and then find yourself scrabbling to replace them the day of the portrait.

Choose a day and time:

Find a time of the day where there is lots of natural light and the weather conditions are optimal. I prefer the morning as it is bright enough outside but not too hot to stay out for a little while. The mornings are also ideal because everyone has a lot of energy, and no one has gotten sticky or messy from the activities of the day. Sundays are great, parks aren’t too busy and there is a relaxed feeling in the air.

Have fun:

Don’t forget that these pictures are capturing the good times, so remember to have some fun! Run, jump, hug, laugh, have a good time!! It will show in the image. It will elevate the photograph from immortal to memorable and treasured. I also find from personal experience that the most “natural” pictures are my favorite. Ask the photographer to be sure to keep shooting even when the pose isn’t staged or picture perfect. To keep snapping away, because a lot of times it’s in these  unrehearsed moments where the true essence is captured, and magic is made.

Good Luck!! Let me know if you have any added tips or ideas, I would love to hear them!!! ♥

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: MADELEINE (Maternity) ;Shoes: Top Shop ; Bracelettes: Marni; Bag: Michael Kors; Head Band: Claire’s Accessories

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress: Samara; Blouse: Smocked Auctions; Shoes: Gucci

Alexander’s Choice: Jacket: Cherokee; Shirt: Cherokee; Shoes: Target; Badge: Pottery Barn Kids

Michael’s Choice: Blazer: Eden Park; Shirt: Lands End; Pants: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Doucal’s



Weekend look! With BUMPStyle Box





Weekend wardrobe feature!! Thank you to my friends at BUMPStyle Box for sending me this adorable printed maternity blouse!! It is so light and airy and makes me feel very boho maternity trendy!! It’s a relaxed look, that can cover the bump at any size and is really fun to accessorize and layer up.

Also, in a month or so this would be so cute over jeans, paired with a scarf, and still the right size!! This weekend was still quite warm, so I’m wearing my sandals probably for the last time!!

This look was so fun to dress up and is perfect for every single day!! From running errands, to running after the kids, its easy to throw on and still feels stylish and comfy!! 

Stephany’s Choice

Top: BUMPStyle Box; Sunglasses: House of Harlow; Sandals: ECCO; Headband: Top Shop; Nail polish: Claire’s Accessories







IMG_9666 2

IMG_9638 3




Last weeks as a trio!! What better way to spend the morning than at the creek feeding the ducks?! The kids absolutely adore it when the ducks and birds come sailing down the water to greet them (and their hands full of bread)!! Alexander ate most of his bread in the car on the way over, and was probably just as happy riding on his scooter as he was feeding the ducks. Annabelle on the other hand just loves it, I think it’s the nurturer in her coming out and I think she also likes to have the power of control over the situation. She’ll decide when and to whom gets the next piece!! They seemed also thrilled and excited that there were fish under the surface, collecting the missed crumbs, and apparently a water turtle too!! A kind local with little puppies stopped for a brief chat and told me that “back in the day” people used to actually swim in the waters!! I wish there was a way we could keep the place clean for our children and the next generations to come…

Stephany’s choice: Dress : Yo Baby; Shoes: Top Shop; Bracelets : Marni 

Annabelle’s choice: Dress: Yo Baby; Shoes: Gucci; Hair bows : Lima bean kids (personalized) 

Alexander’s choice: Shirt : Disney; Shorts: GAP; Shoes: Target 

Party Pretty, With BUMPStyle Box!!



FullSizeRender 3



Say Yes to date night!!

It’s not always easy, but make some time anyway so you can to go out and have some fun! Sometimes it takes a pretty navy and lace dress you inspire you to get all dressed up!!

The thought of getting glam can be daunting, especially at the end of a long busy week, and most definitely when you are 34 weeks pregnant!

This dress is so Preggo mommy friendly, you can’t even tell its a maternity dress! My stylist picked this out for me, and I’m so happy she did. Left to my own devices I may never have chosen something that didn’t look stretchy and comfy on a hanger but this really is both!

To give it an extra sparkle and make it a little more festive I added a chunky gold necklace and my silver heels.

If you are going to be pregnant over the holidays, this makes a perfect and sophisticated party dress for seasonal functions, and family gatherings.

Ask your BUMPStyle Box stylist for this look, its elegant, pretty, and baby bump friendly!!

Stephany’s choice

dress: BUMPStyle Box ; Ingrid & Isabel ; Shoes : Top Shop ; Necklace: Bebe

Orange you lovely October! With PinkBlush Maternity









FullSizeRender 2

Hello October!! One step closer to all things Halloween, Pumpkin Picking, and Baby!! Ahhh!!! The leaves are turning colors and the Pumpkins are beginning to dress up all the homes and stores. I think at this point I really am starting to look like I’m carrying a little pumpkin around my waist! How fitting that PinkBlush Maternity has set me up with this lovely peachy knit maternity top. I really feel seasonable now, slightly festive even! This top is so flattering and pretty, its a lovely length and drapes over the bump perfectly. The rust chiffon layers add a feminine pretty touch and this looks just as great layered up with scarves, hats, boots, or even over skinny jeans. Right now it’s still shorts weather, so I’ll wear mine as long as I can get away with it!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Top : PinkBlush Maternity ; Rust Chiffon Layered Top; shorts: Free People Shoes: Top Shop; Hat: Top Shop; Bag: Lancel; boots: Kurt Geiger 



Plum Perfection with BUMPStyle Box

Stephany Bowman, Editor of Stephany's Choice, wears BUMPSTYLE BOX, maternity dress





How plum perfect is this little maternity dress?!!

Yes! I said “Maternity’?!! Doesn’t look or feel like it either does it?!!

This is one of the only dresses I’ve come across that actually does not feel like a preggo dress!! Even though it’s super comfy (stretchy and O/S)!! Something about it feels party pretty.

This would make an awesome day to night time look. Pumped up with heels, and accessorized for evening this dress goes from great to glam instantly.

Contact your BUMPStyleBox stylist for this look, it comes in a rainbow of colors and no size guestimation is necessary !! It’s guaranteed to fit, if your tiny, or want to show off that growing bump, this dress will move and grow and flatter you and baby every step of the way!

Thank you BUMPStyleBox for dragging me out of my floppy layered looks and putting me in something that shows off my happiness and joy: BABY !! 

Stephany’s Choice

 Dress:BUMPStyleBox //Tees by Tina; necklace: Christian LaCroix; Shoes: TopShop; Purse: H&M;

Sunglasses: Will-I-Am

Pretty in Pink, With PinkBlush Maternity



FullSizeRender 2





This was our perfect Saturday, dancing around this precious little pond, and doing our favorite thing, spending time together!! Check out Annabelle’s adorable pose!! If only I could learn to balance on one foot like the pro herself!! She is a true natural!! Love my little Mini, a star in the making!! 

I’m so thankful that I can spend the last few weeks of my pregnancy in total comfort and style. The weather is cooling off but warm enough to still get away with these lovely light weight maternity dresses! Thank you so much to PinkBlush Maternity for this perfect pretty in pink dress! One of my favorite things about this dress (besides being so feminine and pretty) is that it will carry on with me after baby arrives in November!! It doubles as a nursing dress!! I think this is the only piece in my closet that I can be ready to carry baby home in. Not only that, but as the weather cools off it’s going to make an awesome lightweight layer.

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Pink Navy Colorblock Maternity/ Nursing Dress