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Barefoot + Breastfed, ColoredOrganics

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing a ZARA cape with faux fur collar, smocked dress, and Black Topshop shoes. Angelina is wearing Colored Organics onesie and beanie

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing a ZARA cape with faux fur collar, smocked dress, and Black Topshop shoes. Angelina is wearing Colored Organics onesie and beanie

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing a ZARA cape with faux fur collar, smocked dress, and Black Topshop shoes. Angelina is wearing Colored Organics onesie and beanie

Stephany Bowman from Stephany's Choice wearing Zara black and white smocked dress, over the knee cream knit socks from Free People and Black Mary Jane heels from Topshop. Fedora is from Target. Baby Angelina Bowman is wearing Colored Orangics from head to toe

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: ZARA ( sold out- similar here) \\ Cape: ZARA \\ Socks: FREE PEOPLE (sold out-Similar here) \\ Shoes: SIMILAR HERE \\ Hat: TARGET

Angelina’s Choice: Onesie: COLORED ORGANICS \\ Beanie: COLORED ORGANICS 

I can’t believe we are less than two weeks away from Christmas?! I don’t think I’m even half way through my shopping list and I feel like I’m really being stretched pretty thin right now. This week Michael was traveling for work and I was home alone with all the kiddies. Let me add, I was battling a cold and home alone with all three kiddies!

Yikes. I guess all those holiday parities really caught up with me. Buzzing around all day and all night is something that I cannot continuously pull off.

Not to forget that I still haven’t had one uninterrupted night of sleep in almost two years. Yes, that is my way of implying that the reason I look so tiered, am so forgetful, continuously overwhelmed and frazzled is because I am up all night breastfeeding.

Every time I am pregnant I set “realistic” nursing goals for myself. When pregnant with Annabelle, for example, I wanted to make sure I breastfed exclusively for at least 6 months. I managed to achieve this target with a lot of struggle and a ton of hit and miss guesses.

With Alexander, I set a lower goal for myself because I remembered how difficult breastfeeding was with Annabelle and so I thought that breastfeeding a second baby with a toddler was going to be virtually impossible.

Instead, the opposite happened! It was all smooth sailing (pretty much) . I had learned so much from breastfeeding Annabelle that breastfeeding Alexander was less painful and I was way more experienced. I knew what I was doing this time. I was also a lot more confidant, and less shy about breastfeeding. I actually really enjoyed the bonding and loved being so close to my baby. So I surprised myself and breastfed him for almost a year.

I stopped only because Michael and I were going on an anniversary trip to The Bahamas and so I had to have Alexander weaned before we left him with my sister-in-law.

When I came back from holidays I missed nursing him and knew that if I had the opportunity again, I wouldn’t rush it along.

Well here we are, a few years later, and you can certainly say that I kept true to my promise.

Angelina will be 14 months old on January 1st and we are still breastfeeding. I have tried to introduce the bottle to her but she hasn’t taken to it. When Michael gives her the bottle he has better luck. I wonder if it’s because she knows that that might be the best she’s going to get from him. haha. 

She still wakes up in the night for a feed-or several. I’m torn between enjoying it and dreading it. One on side I dread it, for obvious sleep deprived reasons. On the other side, it’s the sweetest most cozy spot in the world.

Tummy to tummy. Her little feet still fit in my hand.  I stroke her peach fuzz, soft, little head. Hold her little warm body close to mine. She’s like my very own hot water bottle. My little doll. 

Last night we moved her crib out of our room (deep breath). I think this is the next big step. Our big move. Let’s see how the week goes. Maybe 2017 will be the year of sleep? 

Thank you Colored Organics for this super soft onesie and hat. Use the code: STEPHANY25 and receive 25% off your purchase!!

Photography: Ashley Kay Photography 

Little White Dress with Harper and Bay









Stephany’s Choice: Nursing Dress: HARPER & BAY 

I can’t believe I’ve almost reached my goal for breastfeeding for 1 year!

Angelina is now 10.5 months and although I do have to accept that nursing is winding down I can’t help but worry that I may miss this. The cuddles, the closeness the bonding. Time stops and we curl up together on the couch for a check-in and it feels great.

I guess what I will miss most is my baby.

In a way, I’m saying goodbye to my newborn and I have to accept the reality that I will never have this again. The finality of this is so scary. In other ways I feel like we are ready. I know what a relief it will be for to not have to worry about breastfeeding. I can drink wine, wear regular (pretty) bras again, any clothes-not just breastfeeding friendly ones. I’m hoping for a goodnight sleep too, as much as I love the late night (or all night ) snuggles, teaching her to call for a bottle will allow me to set her up and then dispatch from the room entirely. I know I sound totally all over the map here, maybe I still have mixed emotions about this.

Maybe what it boils down to is, I love the closeness, I love my baby, but I know that the time for us to move on is also going to be a good thing. Sometimes I’m so afraid of change, especially with my children, especially when things are going so great. What I have learned, however, is that yes things do change, but they only get better. As the old proverb goes, “without change there would be no butterflies”.

Are you ever afraid of change? How do you battle transition? 

Military Vibes










FullSizeRender 117

FullSizeRender 113

FullSizeRender 115

FullSizeRender 114

FullSizeRender 116









So here in Dallas it’s been unseasonably rainy these last few weeks. I had to file our Summer clothes to the back of the closet for a little longer because it’s just been rainy every day, all day long…But on a happier note- I was thrilled to see this too cute military jacket with patch details !! The snaps are perfect for nursing and it feels like the right weight for this in-between extended Spring/Summer weather. Isn’t this flower corsage choker the cutest thing?! I love how fun and bright it is. It adds the perfect little dot of fuchsia to brighten up the look!! Of course I am never ever off mommy duty so I’ve put together some ideas for the perfect mommy/nursing proof looks to shop for expecting and breastfeeding moms!! I have learned the hard way so you don’t have to, hopefully one or all of these may be some ideas you can keep in mind when you are in need of cute and practical breastfeeding options. 

When looking for the perfect nursing friendly outfit I try to keep in mind these quick easy tips:

Buttons, snaps, or zippers are your friend

Anything that you can find that has buttons can open all the way down your outfit is going to be a great option for feeding baby. If you can’t find anything you like that opens all the way down, try to look for pieces that at least can open easily to the bottom of your bust. This will help give quick and easy access to baby when it’s time for a feed.

Elastic/ stretchy Collars are cute and easy

Current trends this summer are the off the shoulder peasant dresses and tops but these cute looks can be functional too!! Don’t forget to do a little “tug test” when checking the item on the hanger. If it doesn’t seem to have much give or elasticity it’s not going to be your go-to item to put on to feed baby.

Wrap dresses provide clever pleats and camofloage

The clever thing about a wrap dress is that you can unwrap one side of your chest to feed baby while the other side can stay tucked in. This allows for discretion and you won’t feel like your whole chest is exposed at once. A good option and flattering cut too.

Capes for a cause

Capes are really great for nursing because they can double as a cover blanket of sorts. Feed your baby wrapped up in a cozy knit cape for extra comfy points and privacy.

Infinity scarves and pashminas 

They come in the cutest colors and the most lightweight fabrics. Now easy to wash and quick to match , this is a no brainer cute clothing item that you can pack easily in your purse or diaper bag. Drape over your shoulders or tuck around baby for privacy. 

Stephany’s Choice: Military Shirt : ZARA  || Choker: ASOS ||  Bag : ALICE + OLIVIA || Boots : ZARA || Sunglasses : BESTY JOHNSON

My beautiful bundle, with Baby Bump Bundle

Baby Bump Bundle












Four and a half months of pure joy! I can’t believe time has gone by this quickly! Right now baby Angelina is still so sweet and engaged. Her huge blue eyes scan the room and dart about till she zeros in on my face and locks my gaze. Next, huge smiles, it’s like fireworks. My heart completely explodes. It never gets old, it makes all the tough moments fade away. This is what it feels like to win the lottery.

Creeping up to the five month mark is very rewarding, Five months of breastfeeding exclusively in the bag! It has not been easy every single step of the way, each child brings his/her own set challenges. In this case, with Angelina being my third child, juggling her needs and the needs of Annabelle and Alexander are the most challenging. The nice part about breastfeeding your third child exclusively is applying the experience that you have learned.

One question I get asked frequently from expecting and new mothers who wish to breastfeed is, “which (if any) products do we need to buy and why?” This is an excellent question. I vividly remember scanning the “Breastfeeding Products” aisle at the pharmacy with my Mother in my Third Trimester when I was pregnant with Annabelle . It was so daunting. I had no idea how to process all the products, and certainly no clue as to where to start, what to purchase and what to leave behind. Luckily, as I said I had my Mother there to support and advise me.  She was a wonderful advisor since she had successfully nursed all three of her children exclusively. With her guidance and input I was able to sift through the merchandise and select a variety of potential life saving necessities. Some products she had experience using herself, others where solutions to challenges that weren’t available when she was in the market for nursing items.

I was very fortunate to have this advice but not everyone is lucky enough to have the input of someone with personal experience. If you need any ideas you can always come ask me. I have a few items that I’ve used for all three of my babies (nursing pads, nursing bras, and a nursing pillow) , and some items that I’ve used only exclusively with one particular child (Nipple Shields, Milk collectors, and a nursing wrap) . I am nursing right now, and still love the idea of a new suggestion or idea of a product that I have or have not heard of. May or may not have tried. 

This brings me to the incredible Baby Bump Bundle. A product that I wish I had come upon all those years ago when I was just starting my journey as a breastfeeding mother. This would have been a beautiful gift from anyone that wanted to send me something practical, push present, or a treat to cheer me along. 

What is Baby Bump Bundle?

Baby Bump Bundle is a service that puts together several products in one package and sends them to your door! It “Bundles” specialty items, in this case ones that a new nursing mother can use in one box!

What’s in my box?

I was so excited to receive my package. As mine was a gift (YAY) it was a surprise so I was thrilled to open it up and discover all my goodies!! In my box I received a total of six products.

A healing balm, that can be used for sore nipples. This is an awesome piece because every mother will typically feel a certain amount of soreness wether it’s your first time nursing, or not. A lot of women may not even be aware that such a product exists because it’s not as widely discussed as a diaper rash or discomforts relating directly to baby. 

A calming mist!! As you can imagine this item was the first one I used!! I couldn’t wait to test it out!! Any baby product that suggests may “calm” baby is something I need to have. I’m not sure how much it actually calmed down Angelina, but, I certainly loved it and have added it to my evening/bedtime routine already. (Thought: is calming mist more for mom or baby?? Hehe, in this case-MOM!) 

A Tender Tush Treatment because let’s be honest, you can never have enough of those. This was, however, the first time I’ve used a spray. I loved it, it’s clean, quick and smells so fresh. Angelina liked it too!! 

The Organic herbal Milkmaid Tea was delicious and soothing. I’m not sure if I can exactly “prove” that it was effective, but I loved having it. It’s naturally caffeine free, and I love to have warm drinks to replace my former Latte addiction. It tastes like licorice and hey, if it suggests that it assists with Mother’s milk flow-I’m all for it!!!

I was so happy to see a pack of 100% cotton, no nonsense ,washable and reusable nursing pads in my Nursing Baby Bump Bundle. This is the perfect, sensible, fuss free item to purchase if you are going to nurse or at least try to. It’s an essential item, and you can’t nurse without it. If you are gifting this to someone and they already have some, the more the merrier. They will be grateful for some fresh pads. I actually have never tried the reusable kind before! So I was so excited to try this “new” product, even though I’ve been nursing for years. Thank you Baby Bump Bundle for sending me a product I’ve always wanted to try but never did!!

Finally, an item at gives you freedom: Udder Covers. This is so essential to a new or an experienced Mother because it allows you to be free and explore the world with your baby. You don’t need to be locked up at home hiding out. This nursing cover is light, soft and fits perfectly into my purse. There are a variety of gorgeous patterns or colors to choose from. I’m obsessed with my pretty denim blue one. If you have one already, a fresh one is never a bad idea, you can also have one in the wash or keep one at home for company and one in the car for “emergency” or “on the go” nursing.

Why do I love this product?

I love this product because it has introduced me to new nursing products that I hadn’t tried before, and products that I had heard of but never tried!! It collects popular breastfeeding items that have been tried and tested in one Bundle, and now it’s mine!!

Why is it great for you?

This is perfect for you because it is so easy. Just sign up for the bundle of your choice and price point and it’s delivered to your door. The selection is practical, and good quality. If you are expecting and aren’t familiar with nursing products this is a good introduction into the field. If you are like me, and are familiar with breastfeeding and the products this is great as a one stop shop for all goodies nursing, or an introduction to items that you have seen but never tried, or new items that you may not have known about altogether. 

Why would this be the perfect gift?

This is a perfect gift for Mother’s who are expecting, and strive to nurse or have nursed before. It offers a selection so your recipient is sure to love at least a few of the items, and the variety keeps it fun and interesting. 

Other products (Yes, more bundles!!)

Baby Bump Bundle offers Bundles to expecting mothers, new mothers and nursing mothers. There is a selection of Baby Bump Bundles, and you can even customize the Bundle and hand pick which products go straight to your Mama!! 

Try it now!!!

The wonderful Baby Bump Bundle family is generously giving you 15% off future purchases when you use the discount code Stephany  !!

Final thought:

I love this product, I’m all for ease and efficiency. This is a one stop shop for busy gift givers on the go, it’s perfectly personal yet practically fool proof. I loved all the products in my Nursing Baby Bump Bundle and I know you or a Mama you love will too. 

Stephany’s Choice: Nursing Gift Box : Nursing Baby Bump Bundle


The pink ladies! With Ingrid & Isabel

Stephany Bowman in pink Ingrid and Isabel nursing dress

















Twinning with my little pink lady!

These days we are spending more time indoors instead of outdoors but I guess when you have a newborn that’s not such a bad thing. I love spending time with the little sweetheart and life with her is starting to shape into a new kind of normal.

I’m totally falling in love with her little personality. Every morning when she wakes up (or after Alexander jumps in my bed!!) our eyes meet and she flashes me a huge gummy, tongue wagging smile! Her eyes get all watery and red. I look at her scan over my face, watching her trace over each one of my features, then my hairline and finally each eye. We are locked into each others gaze, she coos and bats her eye lashes at me. My heart stops, melts. I’m in heaven. No words have been spoken, everything has been said…

Today I’m wearing my favorite hot pink wrap dress  from my go-to maternity and nursing store Ingrid and Isabel !! They have a huge variety of very pretty and elegant maternity and nursing pieces. This wrap dress is made of the most comfy and stretchy jersey material. It has easy access for breastfeeding, and the cut is style slimming and classic. It comes in several cute colors too!! The hot pink is fun and flirty but I may have to go ahead and get a few more, just to wear on rotation!!! Love love!! 

Stephany’s Choice : Dress : Ingrid & Isabel hot pink wrap dress // Shoes : Topshop // Bag : Chanel // Cuff : Chanel 

Angelina’s Choice : Headband : Claire’s // Onesie : SaraKety 






It’s a wrap! Ingrid & Isabel















FullSizeRender 7









It’s a wrap! Christmas shopping is almost complete! Was super fun to bring my youngest two little ones with us. Angelina slept most of the time and Alexander just loves to push her stroller around!

I love this awesome coal Belted Cozy Wrap from Ingrid & Isabel. It’s really chic and cozy, and the belt keeps everything in place. You can dress it up or down, add layers underneath for extra warmth, or just throw it on whatever you are wearing. It’s design is very clever and flattering. The fabric is soft and light. I’ve already worn this to a mother’s holiday party, shopping with the kiddos, and to the doctor’s office. Because of this versatility, comfort and nursing accessibility I’m classifying this piece as a “Must Have Essential”! If this item is all you buy from maternity to nursing and beyond, you’ll thank me!! 

Stephany’s ChoiceBelted Cozy Wrap Isabel & Ingrid// Socks : Free People // Shoes : ALDO // Shorts: Mango

Angelina’s Choice: Onesie : Carter’s // Headband : Claire’s Accessories

Alexander’s Choice: Sweater : Old Navy // Polo : Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes : Target




All wrapped up! Ingrid & Isabel




IMG_2929All wrapped up today! No wonder Christmas is my favorite holiday! All the fun and kindness is just so infectious. Chirstmas songs, lights, candy and presents of course!! Luckily it hasn’t been too cold yet. Taking Angelina out is becoming easier and easier. She loves her little stroller. I also have some warm and cozy nursing favorites now that I love to wear. My go-to formula at the moment is a button down tunic over knit tights with a big cape or wrap! That way I don’t have to try to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, and the cape keeps Angelina and me all wrapped up so that we can nurse comfortably and discreetly. I adore this Ingrid & Isabel cozy wrap !! It’s so soft and lovely. I can drape it over my outfit in different styles and Angelina fits perfectly underneath. She loves how light the texture is and doubles as a little blanket for her too. I never would have dreamed that I could find an item that would be fashionable, great quality and baby friendly. Thank you Ingrid & Isabel we both love it!!

Stephany’s Choice: Ingrid & Isabel Cozy wrap // Knee socks: Free People// Shoes : Aldo //Dress: GAP

Angelina’s Choice: Carter’s  

Kimono Kute!! With BUMPStyle Box

Stephany Bowman in a black and gold kimono nursing shirt from BumpStyle BOX






WOW! Looks at this gorgeous weather!Sunny Saturdays in December are fine with me!!  It feels amazing to have had such an extension of warmth and light! Also helps getting ready to head out a lot easier. Getting a new born ready to go and out the door is a lot less daunting when you are not battling harsh weather and the elements. Actually, this is the first winter I have ever had with a baby that is not freezing cold. It’s a total relief . I’m not exactly sure how long it will last but I’m definitely going to enjoy it while I can!

Nursing has become a lot easier, and Angelina and I have a great routine now. She typically loves a little walk in her stroller or a cruise in the car and sleeps throughout most outings. When she does wake up I feel pretty comfortable feeding her in any quiet private spot, provided I am wearing something baby friendly and nursing accessible.

My sweet friends at BumpStyle Box have sent me this gorgeous sparkly Kimono! It just drops right over anything, adds a touch of sparkle and sass, and still allows for easy nursing access for Angelina. It’s so perfectly festive for this time of year, I can dress it down with a pair of blue jeans or throw it over a LBD. A perfect, easy and glitzy option!! If you contact the stylists at BumpStyle Box they will sent you a whole box of items hand picked for your stage in motherhood that you can work right into your journey. Receiving the box  in the mail is always so exciting and a great wardrobe update. The pieces are always high quality, right on trend, comfy and practical. I highly recommend you give them a try. Plus the team there is just the sweetest, you will not regret giving it a shot!;) 

Stephany’s Choice: Kimono : BumpStyle Box // Dress: Target // Purse: H&M // Shoes : TopShop // Sunglasses : Will.I.AM

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With PinkBlush

IMG_1959 4

IMG_2137 2

IMG_1944 4

IMG_2136 2


IMG_2138 2


IMG_1941 4

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Everywhere you go!! Feeling oh so festive this holiday season!! I suppose I have so much to feel Thankful for! I actually feel like I’ve already unwrapped my Christmas gift! Yes, for me I truly feel as though Christmas has arrived early this year!! Things on the home front are just so busy!! I am so behind on my Christmas shopping. So many people that I want to spoil this year, but this year I think it’s going to be a matter of quality over quantity. Do little kids like quality over quantity? I think so. Last year we bought Alexander one huge toy car to drive around and to this day it is one of his favorite toys. All the others totally disappeared. Even though of course children love to open gifts, sometime I wonder if too many brings confusion and diminishing returns. Santa Please help!! 🙂

Breastfeeding is coming along so smoothly. I adore this cherry Red Long Sleeve Nursing Top . It’s very cute, flattering and form forgiving. It has easy nursing access in the front, long sleeves which is essential for the weather and the time of year and the color is so vibrant and festive. The fabric is also light and airy. It’s on Sale right now and also comes in three additional colors. I would even advise to pick out a few colors. It can also double as a maternity dress/tunic. I love it!!

Stephany’s Choice:Top: PinkBlush Maternity Red Long Sleeve Nursing Top//Scarf:Burberry // Shorts: Mango// Shoes: BCBG// Vest: Anthropology 

Angelina’s Choice: Blanket: Carter’s// Onesie: Carter’s// Ribbons: Target// Hat: Carter’s 

Shopping and Sunshine, With RIPE Maternity







Nothing like a little shopping to get these girls out and about!! Hehe!! With all the big Thanksgiving sales and cute nursery linens Pottery Barn is definitely the place we wanted to be! They have the cutest things, and we get so excited anytime we can find an item that can be personalized! Angelina slept the entire time in her stroller, the outing was such a success that we were even contemplating lunch! Ahhh all the little victories of new mommy hood flooding back again!

One thing that us nursing moms have to consider is breastfeeding in public. If we are going to be brave and attempt having a life then thats going to have to be a recurring event that we must try to plan and get ready for. With my first baby I spent a lot of time out and about and nursing her in changing rooms and the back dark corners of coffee shops. I was so shy and uncomfortable but totally determined. With Alexander I was a little more confident and certainly less apologetic. I insisted on nursing him at my own comfort and convenience. This time with Angelina I’ve actually decided to invest in some good and clever nursing blankets, dresses, and tops. I will nurse her in public, but I want to do it discreetly and if possible, in style. Thankfully these days it seems like the market for nursing products has expanded and not only are there more options available to us, but there are even…some pretty options!!! Imagine that!!!

Ripe Maternity has hooked me up with this adorable little Pinafore green knit dress!! Its so comfy and perfect for fall layering. It can also be a maternity piece, so it’s one of those star buys that takes you through the stages of pregnancy and beyond. Something so hard to find. At least finding something cute, functional and seasonal is the ultimate mommy trifecta!! It also comes in a grey… I took a chance with the green and am so happy I did, I absolutely adore it.Thank you Ripe Maternity (By the way was just on their site and they have just tons of great options, so many to choose from, all lovely!!) 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress : Ripe Maternity ; Blouse : Pull and Bear; Black Bow: ASOS; Sunglasses: Celine

Angelina’s Choice: Bear Suit: Carter’s; Stroller; GRACO