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Back-to-school creeps up on you before you even know it. I just have to make sure that I stay a step ahead and keep organized as much as possible. With my little ones I have so many tiny little things that I always need to keep track of. Otherwise, I end up losing everything and then finally my mind! My most recent purchases for Angelina have been bibs! I don’t think I ever got this many with the others but I’ve realized they are the perfect short cut to changing outfits 100 times a day. Now I just change bibs 100 times a day. haha. This U.S.H (Unmatched Sock Hanger) is so cute and useful. It comes in several colors and is really practical for keeping a lot of the stuff organized and in one place. I’ve used it in the laundry room to clip on missing socks, but it’s also really handy for keeping all the bibs together or even Annabelle’s extensive bow collection in order. I always get asked about Annabelle’s hair bows and how I manage to keep them clean and coordinated with her look. The trick is just to make sure you always put that item back in it’s spot as soon as you have finished using it, and keep it together with other similar items. Try to stay organized as much as you can, this is difficult for me to do as well. What I have learned is as long as an item has a place to go it’s a whole lot easier to put it away. It’s finding spots for objects, toys and clothes that don’t have a home that make them unbearable to put away. The U.S.H is also a great gift, can be used for artwork, homework, or anything you wish. I am always open to new great ideas on how to stay organized! If you want more on the U.S.H or have other creative ideas on how I can use mine, write me and let me know!! Have a great day, and thank you for following along!! 

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