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Stephany’s Choice: Dress : Free People || Pink Flats : Similar here || Shorts : Similar here

Annabelle’s Choice: Butterfly Costume : Pottery Barn Kids

Alexander’s Choice: Dinosaur Costume: Similar here and here 

Angelina’s Choice: Kitty Costume : Similar here

So apparently we love dressing up. Any excuse to dress up in a costume is exactly where we want to be. If Annabelle could wear some crazy princess, butterfly, unicorn combination every single day she would. Alexander would happily dress up as a Fireman or anything that makes him feel he is one step closer to being able to drive a fast car. Last year he begged me to dress him up as a garbage truck!! Being the devoted parents that we strive to be, we actually did some web searches ” Toddler Garbage Truck Costume”, needless to add that it turned up nothing. Although I think Amazon may have had a cardboard recycling truck box that you could strap on…We went with a lion costume( second year in a row :|). He didn’t seem to mind and the kids were so good about knocking on the doors,” Trick or treat ?!” and soon after , ” Thank you!” -Then Alexander’s final parting words: “ROAR!” Hahaha.

We have this Pottery Barn Kids store close to our house and right next to our neighborhood Starbucks and I love any excuse to stick my nose in there. Even the kiddos love going in. The staff are so friendly and they have little train sets and cars that they don’t mind if the kids play with while I stroll through the place. My favorite times to go are when there is something seasonal going on like Easter, Valentines Day or Christmas. Decorating a table for a party is almost as much fun as getting dressed up for one. Especially a theme party (in my opinion). I love that they have cute personalized options too. I have some personalized Christmas dishes for the kids and they are some of my favorite table decorations of all time. I also love these tumblers. I have them with the witches and they are the perfect size. The quality is really good too, I throw everything in the dishwasher and while they don’t look brand new anymore (I’ve had mine for a year now) they still look pretty good. For decorating a party table with a theme you don’t have to buy every single thing on the table in that same theme. You can choose key colors, maybe 2 or 3 and then sprinkle a couple of spooky Halloween pieces. I think that’s almost better because when there is too much stuff on the table or too many decorations your main pieces may get lost in the mix. A few chunky ones, and a couple of detail items are just perfect! I’m getting more of the tumblers and then I think I’m going to get these cute personalized pumpkin plates. Alexander’s Dinosaur costume is sold out online but I think the hood was kind of bulky anyway and started sliding off in the store. Probably not a bad idea to have them try on the outfits before purchasing, just in case, if you can. They look different on the kids than they did on the shelves and sometimes the fit isn’t comfortable or overwhelmens the child. Bella chose her outfit and seemed really pleased with it. Angel’s was cozy and comfy too. All around, we had the best time, and we will definitely be going back for more!! I wish they made adult costumes ?!!!!

What’s your favorite local store? Do you prefer to get dressed up or dress up the table?! Thanks for reading along with me!!

I want to give a special thank you to the Pottery Barn Kids staff on Knox: Dale, Kyle, and Jennifer! Thank you for teaming up with us, and for being so generous!! 

Photography : Theretropenguin.com