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On Wednesdays we wear pink!!! Live and die by this rule!! Do we have to limit it to just one day?!!  What is it about stripes that put me both in a good mood and make me feel polished and put together?! This is the cutest little dress from Pinkish Trends. I love a great tunic dress, it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about finding a top to match your pants, or a skirt to match your blouse.. Okay, so you can tell I’m trying to cut corners now… Anything that makes life that much more simple and easy works for me. There is something really pretty about this dress in particular, the moment I put it on, Michael was like,” wow, you look nice!” I like to think that he feels that every day but lets be honest, he sees the ‘mommy Stephany’ more often than the ‘stylish Stephany’ these days. But hey if the dress gets me half way there, I’ll take it!!

What to look for in a great staple dress :

Keep it simple

The more fussy, tight or busy the dress is the less wear you will get out of it. I get put off by dresses that seem complicated or to “loud”… Of course there is a time and a place for cute over the top pieces, but for day to day wear-keep it simple.

Be comfortable

This may seem obvious, and I may be the only one here but never buy a dress that is too small (hoping you will loose weight), too short (looks cute standing up), difficult to zip (no one will notice), or has tricky buttons (hope my hubby won’t mind waking up 20 minutes early to help!). The more uncomforable a dress is, the more it just gets over looked in my closet.

Be honest

Know your body and be honest with yourself. Showing off every bit of your body is great for the beach but realistically we will probably only show certain parts of our body when we get dressed. If you have great arms and want to show them off then choose capped or sleeveless dresses. If you like a shorter length (my preference) then consider longer sleeves for a little balance. 

Color is key

This is where you can really have some fun. Color can reflect a mood ,season, or message. We love red on Valentine’s day or Christmas. White for Summer, and pastels for pretty days and Spring. 

Choose happy

Of course the main rule is wear what makes you happy! As my soul sister Audrey Hepburn agrees”happy girls are the prettiest” AMEN!

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Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Pink Belted Tunic|| Shoes : TopShop