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Little Helpers with U.S.H












Back-to-school creeps up on you before you even know it. I just have to make sure that I stay a step ahead and keep organized as much as possible. With my little ones I have so many tiny little things that I always need to keep track of. Otherwise, I end up losing everything and then finally my mind! My most recent purchases for Angelina have been bibs! I don’t think I ever got this many with the others but I’ve realized they are the perfect short cut to changing outfits 100 times a day. Now I just change bibs 100 times a day. haha. This U.S.H (Unmatched Sock Hanger) is so cute and useful. It comes in several colors and is really practical for keeping a lot of the stuff organized and in one place. I’ve used it in the laundry room to clip on missing socks, but it’s also really handy for keeping all the bibs together or even Annabelle’s extensive bow collection in order. I always get asked about Annabelle’s hair bows and how I manage to keep them clean and coordinated with her look. The trick is just to make sure you always put that item back in it’s spot as soon as you have finished using it, and keep it together with other similar items. Try to stay organized as much as you can, this is difficult for me to do as well. What I have learned is as long as an item has a place to go it’s a whole lot easier to put it away. It’s finding spots for objects, toys and clothes that don’t have a home that make them unbearable to put away. The U.S.H is also a great gift, can be used for artwork, homework, or anything you wish. I am always open to new great ideas on how to stay organized! If you want more on the U.S.H or have other creative ideas on how I can use mine, write me and let me know!! Have a great day, and thank you for following along!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Follow @ushysockmonster on Instagram for more cool ideas! 

A little Lilac, with Smocking Bird Kids

Angelina Bowman in Smocking Bird kids

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Baby girl is 8 months old and I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly! She’s starting to eat more and more food and nurse less and less. Her favorite thing in the world is watermelon and I wonder if it’s because I ate so much of it when I was pregnant last summer with her. She loves to hang off my arm, and her favorite book is Marvin K Mooney Will you Please Go Now, by Dr. Seuss. I feel like she is one of us, listening in on the conversations and really integrating into the group. One thing she does not like to do is go swimming. I hope that will change because the rest of us love going to the pool. I love this girl so much, and can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she’ll be in next!

She can babble a little bit “mamamamama” and is starting to pull herself onto furniture. I think Angelina will be crawling any moment. I can tell she is a girl on the go and loves to keep it moving! Right now she can put her self on all fours and I’ve even seen her crawl backward too. I’m sure by the time we get back from France she’ll be pretty mobil. Still no sign of teeth or hair, haha. 

Baby doll bubble is sweet as candy and perfect for hot summer days, this is definitely coming to France with us, I love the monogram on both the Bonnet and the outfit, the bonnet is great for keeping the sun out of her eyes and cooling her head and it goes with everything. A great accessory for here and holiday too. 

Angelina’s Choice: Bubble: SMOCKINGBIRD KIDS || Bonnet: SMOCKINGBIRD KIDS

Baby blue with Smockingbird Kids

















This little girl is so spunky I can hardly keep up with her! Spending all this summer vaca time together is a lot of fun, but I forget how much of a busy bee she actually is. She has so many questions and I try my best to make sure I answer them as accurately and openly as I can. Her questions are so specific as well…”What age was I went we first traveled to France?” or ” What do you remember about the last time we were in Monaco?” One of the things we’ve been doing in our down time at home is watching some of my favorite childhood musicals, Sound of Music, anyone?! So, Annabelle’s favorite part is when Maria marries the Captain. I just ducked in now to re-watch it with her (she kept it on pause for me!) and it’s remarkable how stunning it still is, even today. So elegant, so perfect. I love reliving these magic moments of my childhood with Annabelle and watching her fall in love with them too. One  thing that sort of struck me at the beginning of the movie, is Maria! And how eerily similar she is to Annabelle ” how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?!” It clicked. Annabelle is just like Maria, it’s so funny how life really does come full circle. 

This sweet little dress got Annabelle so much attention the day she wore it. People kept stopping her and saying , “Well, Hello Cinderella” or ” are you Snow White?!” In fact it’s not technically a princess dress, but I think there is something quite elegant and regal about it! Not only that but the best part?! Make it personal with a monogram! 

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress: SMOCKING BIRD KIDS + it’s on Sale || Shoes : KEDS || Bow : LIBBY LOU BOUTIQUE 

The Pink Ladies, With Smocking Bird Kids

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These sisters get along so well I can hardly believe it. Ok, they haven’t spent a whole lot of time together but the times they have shared have always gone so smoothly. I’m lucky that Annabelle is at an age where she is happy and willing to make an effort to play with a baby. Although I never leave them unattended for more than a few moments, I can tell she has a keen sense of safety and responsibility when it comes to her baby sissy. Angelina, in return, absolutely adores Annabelle so much. When she lays eyes on her in the morning her whole face brightens up. Six years may be the perfect age gap for them as there is enough of an age difference that they may not end up competing with one another, but close enough where they can still enjoy each others company. I for one am so excited to step back and watch this special bond bloom and grow.

We love to have the girls in matching outfits. This is such a sweet and pretty playtime look for both girls. It’s so fresh and lovely for the summer time, and looks equally flattering on each. The fabric is so soft and light, because let’s face it, here in Dallas, this summer has been hot, hot, hot!! 

Annabelle’s Choice: Outfit : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS || Shoes : TARGET on clearance under $6 || Bow: LIBBY LOU BOWTIQUE

Angelina’s Choice: Outfit : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS || Bow: CLAIRES 

Baby Blue, with Smocking Bird Kids










It is fitting that Annabelle’s favorite color at the moment is violet. She tends to waver a little bit between all the pinkish, purplish hues of the rainbow, it’s hard to keep it all straight sometimes! Spending the Summer with her and not committing to a particular schedule has been pretty liberating I must say. Although having all three kids is not without its challenges, having flexibility in our daily routine is really nice. I feel a lot more relaxed and I think that the kids can pick up on it. I have more “time” to tune my brain into the the little things. I feel like they aren’t going to be that interested in my opinion forever so I should be honored to be privy to their thoughts, opinions and day dreams, as long as I can.

This Summer dress is not only just darling it’s also soft and light. Right now, in Dallas, the weather is consistently over 95 and so you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. The sweet little detail is so pretty, I wish this came in my size!

Thank you for keeping up with us! Let me know what you’re favorite outfit is this Summer! 

Annabelle’s Choice : Dress : SMOCKING BIRD KIDS + it’s on sale || Shoes : KEDS || Bow : LIBBY LOU BOUTIQUE 

Bows for Belles, With SmockingBird Kids

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Happy Summer, it’s finally here. I have both girls with me full time now that school is out and Alexander is still in Montessori for one more week. This is the first time that I’m with Annabelle and Angelina together and I have to say, we are having a great time. We like to do the same things (shopping !) and sing the same songs (Shake it off!!). It’s the sort of sisterhood that I’ve always dreamed of. The trust and ease of being with family and having fun. I hope the girls enjoy this as much as I do.

I have a letter that I’ve written to my girls:

Dear Annabelle and Angelina,

You are so sweet together and you love each other so much. Annabelle you are such a great big Sister and are so protective of Angelina. Angelina in return adores Annabelle and her face lights up when she hears her voice or sees her face. I hope that your bond continues to grow stronger as the years go on, and you will always look out for each other. I hope you will continue to cheer each other up if one of you is in despair and look to each other for hope and comfort. I know that I am a stronger and better person because I have you in my life. I know that you will draw the same strength from each other.


your proud Mother

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : SmockingBird Kids || Shoes : Target || Bow : Libby Lou Boutique

Angelina’s Choice: Bubble Dress: SmockingBird Kids || Bow : Claire’s Accessories


Whale of a time!! With Smockingbird Kids

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Summer is here and that means all the kids are home from school! It’s a little daunting when you think about that for the first time. An open schedule and three under six! Luckily the pool is something the kids love to visit and yesterday Angelina took her first swim!! She absolutely loved it! I think I may have three water babies on my hands! The older children are so patient with Angelina, they never splashed water on her face or lost their temper with me consuming most of my time with her. These pictures were taken earlier this week in the garden and trying to get Alexander in the shot is like trying to rope in a wild bird into the frame. Once captured, however, the picture is complete 

Annabelle’s Choice: Whale Smocked two piece: SmockingBird Kids

Alexander’s Choice: Whale Smocked two piece: SmockingBird Kids

Angelina’s Choice: Whale Smocked bubble : SmockingBird Kids

Sweet stripes with Pinkish Trends





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On Wednesdays we wear pink!!! Live and die by this rule!! Do we have to limit it to just one day?!!  What is it about stripes that put me both in a good mood and make me feel polished and put together?! This is the cutest little dress from Pinkish Trends. I love a great tunic dress, it makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about finding a top to match your pants, or a skirt to match your blouse.. Okay, so you can tell I’m trying to cut corners now… Anything that makes life that much more simple and easy works for me. There is something really pretty about this dress in particular, the moment I put it on, Michael was like,” wow, you look nice!” I like to think that he feels that every day but lets be honest, he sees the ‘mommy Stephany’ more often than the ‘stylish Stephany’ these days. But hey if the dress gets me half way there, I’ll take it!!

What to look for in a great staple dress :

Keep it simple

The more fussy, tight or busy the dress is the less wear you will get out of it. I get put off by dresses that seem complicated or to “loud”… Of course there is a time and a place for cute over the top pieces, but for day to day wear-keep it simple.

Be comfortable

This may seem obvious, and I may be the only one here but never buy a dress that is too small (hoping you will loose weight), too short (looks cute standing up), difficult to zip (no one will notice), or has tricky buttons (hope my hubby won’t mind waking up 20 minutes early to help!). The more uncomforable a dress is, the more it just gets over looked in my closet.

Be honest

Know your body and be honest with yourself. Showing off every bit of your body is great for the beach but realistically we will probably only show certain parts of our body when we get dressed. If you have great arms and want to show them off then choose capped or sleeveless dresses. If you like a shorter length (my preference) then consider longer sleeves for a little balance. 

Color is key

This is where you can really have some fun. Color can reflect a mood ,season, or message. We love red on Valentine’s day or Christmas. White for Summer, and pastels for pretty days and Spring. 

Choose happy

Of course the main rule is wear what makes you happy! As my soul sister Audrey Hepburn agrees”happy girls are the prettiest” AMEN!

For more adorable looks check out Pinkish Trends  Fit is true to size 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Pink Belted Tunic|| Shoes : TopShop 

Lounging lovelies, with Smockingbird Kids

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Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my children together having a wonderful time! It’s the last day of the week today, as we are all off for Good Friday so there is going to be a lot more of this going on throughout the weekend!! Spring is finally here and the birth of fresh new beginnings is in the air. For one, the kids can all get together and sit nicely for about seven minutes! Two, I can put on a Disney DVD, play it for them and they will watch 25% of it while sitting so nicely on the couch! Yay! Mommy can make a cup of tea (and possibly a slice of toast??) I look forward to seeing more moments of bonding with these three, but for now, the Easter Jammie snuggles are beyond 🙂 

Smockingbird Kids doesn’t only have the most daring little outfits for boys and girls, they have these gorgeous loungewear sets too!! Add a monogram of your choice and make it personal!! These are the perfect gift for your child or a child you love. The quality is impeccable and they are so sweet. The kids loved them too, and they are picture perfect for those early risers that need to be picture perfect for the egg hunt on Easter morning;)

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Annabelle’s Choice: Loungewear : White knit loungewear with pink trim || Smockingbird Kids

Alexander’s Choice:Loungewear : White knit loungewear with blue trim || Smockingbird Kids

Angelina’s Choice: Loungewear : White knit gown with pink trim || Smockingbird Kids

My beautiful bundle, with Baby Bump Bundle

Baby Bump Bundle












Four and a half months of pure joy! I can’t believe time has gone by this quickly! Right now baby Angelina is still so sweet and engaged. Her huge blue eyes scan the room and dart about till she zeros in on my face and locks my gaze. Next, huge smiles, it’s like fireworks. My heart completely explodes. It never gets old, it makes all the tough moments fade away. This is what it feels like to win the lottery.

Creeping up to the five month mark is very rewarding, Five months of breastfeeding exclusively in the bag! It has not been easy every single step of the way, each child brings his/her own set challenges. In this case, with Angelina being my third child, juggling her needs and the needs of Annabelle and Alexander are the most challenging. The nice part about breastfeeding your third child exclusively is applying the experience that you have learned.

One question I get asked frequently from expecting and new mothers who wish to breastfeed is, “which (if any) products do we need to buy and why?” This is an excellent question. I vividly remember scanning the “Breastfeeding Products” aisle at the pharmacy with my Mother in my Third Trimester when I was pregnant with Annabelle . It was so daunting. I had no idea how to process all the products, and certainly no clue as to where to start, what to purchase and what to leave behind. Luckily, as I said I had my Mother there to support and advise me.  She was a wonderful advisor since she had successfully nursed all three of her children exclusively. With her guidance and input I was able to sift through the merchandise and select a variety of potential life saving necessities. Some products she had experience using herself, others where solutions to challenges that weren’t available when she was in the market for nursing items.

I was very fortunate to have this advice but not everyone is lucky enough to have the input of someone with personal experience. If you need any ideas you can always come ask me. I have a few items that I’ve used for all three of my babies (nursing pads, nursing bras, and a nursing pillow) , and some items that I’ve used only exclusively with one particular child (Nipple Shields, Milk collectors, and a nursing wrap) . I am nursing right now, and still love the idea of a new suggestion or idea of a product that I have or have not heard of. May or may not have tried. 

This brings me to the incredible Baby Bump Bundle. A product that I wish I had come upon all those years ago when I was just starting my journey as a breastfeeding mother. This would have been a beautiful gift from anyone that wanted to send me something practical, push present, or a treat to cheer me along. 

What is Baby Bump Bundle?

Baby Bump Bundle is a service that puts together several products in one package and sends them to your door! It “Bundles” specialty items, in this case ones that a new nursing mother can use in one box!

What’s in my box?

I was so excited to receive my package. As mine was a gift (YAY) it was a surprise so I was thrilled to open it up and discover all my goodies!! In my box I received a total of six products.

A healing balm, that can be used for sore nipples. This is an awesome piece because every mother will typically feel a certain amount of soreness wether it’s your first time nursing, or not. A lot of women may not even be aware that such a product exists because it’s not as widely discussed as a diaper rash or discomforts relating directly to baby. 

A calming mist!! As you can imagine this item was the first one I used!! I couldn’t wait to test it out!! Any baby product that suggests may “calm” baby is something I need to have. I’m not sure how much it actually calmed down Angelina, but, I certainly loved it and have added it to my evening/bedtime routine already. (Thought: is calming mist more for mom or baby?? Hehe, in this case-MOM!) 

A Tender Tush Treatment because let’s be honest, you can never have enough of those. This was, however, the first time I’ve used a spray. I loved it, it’s clean, quick and smells so fresh. Angelina liked it too!! 

The Organic herbal Milkmaid Tea was delicious and soothing. I’m not sure if I can exactly “prove” that it was effective, but I loved having it. It’s naturally caffeine free, and I love to have warm drinks to replace my former Latte addiction. It tastes like licorice and hey, if it suggests that it assists with Mother’s milk flow-I’m all for it!!!

I was so happy to see a pack of 100% cotton, no nonsense ,washable and reusable nursing pads in my Nursing Baby Bump Bundle. This is the perfect, sensible, fuss free item to purchase if you are going to nurse or at least try to. It’s an essential item, and you can’t nurse without it. If you are gifting this to someone and they already have some, the more the merrier. They will be grateful for some fresh pads. I actually have never tried the reusable kind before! So I was so excited to try this “new” product, even though I’ve been nursing for years. Thank you Baby Bump Bundle for sending me a product I’ve always wanted to try but never did!!

Finally, an item at gives you freedom: Udder Covers. This is so essential to a new or an experienced Mother because it allows you to be free and explore the world with your baby. You don’t need to be locked up at home hiding out. This nursing cover is light, soft and fits perfectly into my purse. There are a variety of gorgeous patterns or colors to choose from. I’m obsessed with my pretty denim blue one. If you have one already, a fresh one is never a bad idea, you can also have one in the wash or keep one at home for company and one in the car for “emergency” or “on the go” nursing.

Why do I love this product?

I love this product because it has introduced me to new nursing products that I hadn’t tried before, and products that I had heard of but never tried!! It collects popular breastfeeding items that have been tried and tested in one Bundle, and now it’s mine!!

Why is it great for you?

This is perfect for you because it is so easy. Just sign up for the bundle of your choice and price point and it’s delivered to your door. The selection is practical, and good quality. If you are expecting and aren’t familiar with nursing products this is a good introduction into the field. If you are like me, and are familiar with breastfeeding and the products this is great as a one stop shop for all goodies nursing, or an introduction to items that you have seen but never tried, or new items that you may not have known about altogether. 

Why would this be the perfect gift?

This is a perfect gift for Mother’s who are expecting, and strive to nurse or have nursed before. It offers a selection so your recipient is sure to love at least a few of the items, and the variety keeps it fun and interesting. 

Other products (Yes, more bundles!!)

Baby Bump Bundle offers Bundles to expecting mothers, new mothers and nursing mothers. There is a selection of Baby Bump Bundles, and you can even customize the Bundle and hand pick which products go straight to your Mama!! 

Try it now!!!

The wonderful Baby Bump Bundle family is generously giving you 15% off future purchases when you use the discount code Stephany  !!

Final thought:

I love this product, I’m all for ease and efficiency. This is a one stop shop for busy gift givers on the go, it’s perfectly personal yet practically fool proof. I loved all the products in my Nursing Baby Bump Bundle and I know you or a Mama you love will too. 

Stephany’s Choice: Nursing Gift Box : Nursing Baby Bump Bundle