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Family fun in OshKosh B’gosh!

Angelina Bowman in an OshKosh B'gosh Fur coat

Annabelle Bowman wearing aOshKosh B'gosh Faux fur coat and Croc Rainboots

Alexander Bowman wearing aOshKosh B'gosh Orange boys sweat suit

OshKosh B'gosh Orange boys sweat suit

Annabelle Bowman wearing aOshKosh B'gosh Faux fur coat and Croc Rainboots

OshKosh B'gosh Orange boys sweat suit

Alexander, Annabelle, and Angelina Bowman of Stephany's Choice wearing OshKosh B'gosh Kids


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Annabelle’s Choice: Coat: Oshkosh || Boots: Crocs || Bow: Libby Lou Bowtique || Tights: Similar here

Alexander’s Choice: Sweatshirt: Oshkosh || Sweatpants: Oshkosh|| Polo: Oshkosh || Shoes: Similiar here

Angelina’s Choice: Coat: Oshkosh || Tights: Oshkosh || Hat: Similar here

I am so excited to be teaming up with one of the most iconic brands, OshKosh B’gosh!!! This is such a “pinch me” moment as I grew up with this brand, and now dress my own children in their adorable and wholesome clothes.

A lot things I’m drawn to are things that I grew up doing and loving. There is definitely an element of nostalgia there. I have to admit that I am a very sentimental person. Haha. Especially around this time of the year. Something about the holidays, the music the decorations, remind me of days past. 

I’ve picked out a couple of my favorite staples from Oshkosh’s winter collection. I love the bright colors, mix and matching everything. Occasionally, when I dress up the kiddos I don’t end up putting them in what I originally envisioned. Either they aren’t feeling the look, or something is in the wash!! Yup, totally unintentional. Most of the time, however, it all comes together wonderfully. Honestly though, kids can make anything look cute- especially when they are happy and having fun.

Afternoons with nothing on the the schedule is one of our favorite things in the world. We love to go to the park as often as we can. This spot is right by the school and sometimes I try to pack a little picnic to bring along. I’ve even stopped by our local Krispy Kreme donut shop, and pick out half a dozen fresh goodies 🙂 Of course, I try to grab a coffee for myself from “StarBUGS” too,  and a magazine if I’m feeling ambitious- which I never end up reading! I’m always terrified one of the kids is going to end up falling into the water. Probably Alexander…ekk..

There are also lots of ducks and geese here and the kids love to feed them. Sometimes the birds can get a little aggressive and competitive fighting for the bread and I panic slightly:) The kids don’t seem to notice at all and love every minute of it. Honestly, when the kids are happy I am happy. Sometimes I think it’s easier to take them out, rather than just keeping them at home all afternoon. Sure some days they need to come home and relax, but for the most part a little fresh air and a walk in nature is probably not a bad thing. Or are they just in it for the donuts?!! 

This is also the best time of the year, not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect.

Now that Angelina’s starting to walk around I hope she doesn’t get too intimidated by the birds. I think they are probably about her size or taller. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching her out there. Alexander is great a throwing the bread into the water. The only problem is a lot of the time he eats up all the bread before even throwing one crumb to the birds. haha. Love that cheeky boy so much 🙂 ♥

Thanks for reading along, did you wear OshKosh as a kid? What was your favorite item?

Photography: BeckleyPhoto.com