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I often get asked about my beauty routine and which products and rituals I swear by. A few favorites that I can’t live with out are products for my hair, and lotion for my face and body. If I don’t adequately moisturize I feel like my skin is dry and irritable all day and never fully set into my own skin. I don’t even like to get dressed if I haven’t put on cream and good cream isn’t easy to come by.

When choosing which lotion to purchase at the drug store I’ve gotten it wrong many times. Buying something for dry irritable skin sounds promising but when I bring the product home to try it I’m disappointed to see how thick, heavy and it is awkward to apply. On the other hand buying a cream that’s cheap or not creamy enough feels runny, slippery and I never actually get that nice soft moisturized feel I’m looking for. Haha. Like I said, I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations!

I’m not the expert on skin either, but lucky for me at this time in my life it doesn’t seem like I have any stretch marks yet. Now of course I may have inherited other battles, but I think as far as stretch marks go I’m on the lucky side of the genetics here. This doesn’t mean that I won’t monitor my skin and listen to my body. I will definity keep my eyes open for preventative measures and am willing to try anything that can keep my skin as smooth as possible. I think I have a tendency to have dry skin. Although I moisturize my face daily so it doesn’t look flaky when I put foundation on. 

When I tried Marie D’Argan’s moisture rich body lotion I instantly loved it. The texture and consistency was perfection. The smell divine. The bottle is the perfect size and it’s a pump, my favorite application. Its main ingredient is 100% pure argan oil made from the best argan seeds hand-picked by a women’s co-op based in Morocco. Their products are high quality and free of parabens, sulfates, SLS and phthalates. This is safe and even recommended for pregnant woman for use to minimize stretch marks. I use this all over my body once daily after I shower, but they suggest you apply generously, and twice daily. Marie D’Argan has various other products in their range, including some oils for hair and skin. All their products smell wonderful and make a really lovely Christmas gift if you’re looking to spoil someone you love (yes, that includes YOU too!) 

I love that they use pure, natural and organic oils. I find myself moving closer to natural products these days. I’m trying to eat clean and avoid packaged food if I can help it. Even my choices for skin products are simpler and more natural. 

When I’m at home and I feel like having a sweet treat I pick out an apple instead of raiding the cookie box (most of the time :)) I must say I feel better for it. I hate to admit it but ever since having Angelina I’ve been battling adult acne again. It seems to come back on and off right around my jaw line.  It’s so frustrating and I think I break out a lot more when I wear make up. My favorite make up is thick creamy matte make up so maybe my pores are crying!! So on days that I “don’t need” to wear any make up I go without. At first, I was so shy and embarrassed to be caught with a bare face in public. Now I love it, I think my skin is healthier and I break out way less. 

Anyway, I guess it’s all kind of a balancing act and I’m still trying to get that perfect balance between what products will help me and which ones will set me back. If I come upon anything else I love, I’ll certainly share it here. 

Let me know if there is a product that you love? Have you tried using natural and organic beauty products?

Thanks for reading along.

Thank you to the Marie D’Argan team for sharing these wonderful lotions with me!