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Third Trimester

IMG_7907 5

IMG_7908 5






Now in my Third Trimester I’m finally starting to slow down a little. I’m feeling quite a bit heavier, and filling out most of my clothes. I tend to gravitate more to my maternity things now, and anything that is easy to take on or off!! I still love the little dresses as it makes getting dressed a lot easier. One dress is a whole look/outfit and that makes life simple! As I’m drawing nearer to the end, now I have to start planning for baby!! Must revisit my baby name books, buy little new born clothes(yay!), nursing bras, nursing pads, nursing clothes-all things nursing!! I still have a lot of work to do! Hospital bag is also on the list!!Better pull out the “to-do list!!” 

Stephany’s Choice: First look( week 28): Dress: The Market at St. Tropez

Second look(week 27): Dress:  The market in Nice

Third look (week 29): Lilli Pulitzer for Target

Stickers: Lucy Darling Shop (Etsy) 

First Trimester










The first Trimester I was so excited!! I could not wait to share the happy news with our friends, family and the world!! I really wanted to make sure I documented this journey. In my last two pregnancies, we were so busy moving and traveling that the time just flew by and before we knew it baby had arrived! Although that is a blessing, I would have enjoyed looking back at that journey later on. This time I’m trying to do both. Enjoy myself and document this journey as much as possible.

Stephany’s Choice: First look : Dress: ASOS; Sticker : Lucydarlingshop; Shoes : TopShop 

Second look: Dress: H&M ; Sticker : Lucydarlingshop; Shoes : TopShop 

Third look: Dress: TopShop; Sticker : Lucydarlingshop; Shoes : Diesel; Rings: Moschino; Bracelet: Chanel  

Bumpdate: week 31!



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At home things are great, thankfully the weather is starting to cool off a little! I’m not looking forward to wearing pants, but the heat was getting a little unbearable with this extra weight on!! Annabelle and Alexander are both in school programs now, which opens up a little independent mommy time for me! I haven’t even started with a to-do list for baby yet, so I’m going to have a lot of work to do these last few weeks!! Having said all that, I’m starting to get really, really excited now that the final weeks are nearing! I will miss this bump though!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: this empire waist, shades of turquoise dress is so pretty and comfy!! In fact I’m lucky enough to have it in two colors! This dress was a gift from my mom, who has impeccable style and taste! Unfortunately there is no indication of where it is from or what size it is, but if your looking for a late pregnancy dress that’s flattering, keep your eyes open for a cut similar to this. You won’t be disappointed!!