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The pink ladies! With Ingrid & Isabel

Stephany Bowman in pink Ingrid and Isabel nursing dress

















Twinning with my little pink lady!

These days we are spending more time indoors instead of outdoors but I guess when you have a newborn that’s not such a bad thing. I love spending time with the little sweetheart and life with her is starting to shape into a new kind of normal.

I’m totally falling in love with her little personality. Every morning when she wakes up (or after Alexander jumps in my bed!!) our eyes meet and she flashes me a huge gummy, tongue wagging smile! Her eyes get all watery and red. I look at her scan over my face, watching her trace over each one of my features, then my hairline and finally each eye. We are locked into each others gaze, she coos and bats her eye lashes at me. My heart stops, melts. I’m in heaven. No words have been spoken, everything has been said…

Today I’m wearing my favorite hot pink wrap dress  from my go-to maternity and nursing store Ingrid and Isabel !! They have a huge variety of very pretty and elegant maternity and nursing pieces. This wrap dress is made of the most comfy and stretchy jersey material. It has easy access for breastfeeding, and the cut is style slimming and classic. It comes in several cute colors too!! The hot pink is fun and flirty but I may have to go ahead and get a few more, just to wear on rotation!!! Love love!! 

Stephany’s Choice : Dress : Ingrid & Isabel hot pink wrap dress // Shoes : Topshop // Bag : Chanel // Cuff : Chanel 

Angelina’s Choice : Headband : Claire’s // Onesie : SaraKety 






It’s a wrap! Ingrid & Isabel















FullSizeRender 7









It’s a wrap! Christmas shopping is almost complete! Was super fun to bring my youngest two little ones with us. Angelina slept most of the time and Alexander just loves to push her stroller around!

I love this awesome coal Belted Cozy Wrap from Ingrid & Isabel. It’s really chic and cozy, and the belt keeps everything in place. You can dress it up or down, add layers underneath for extra warmth, or just throw it on whatever you are wearing. It’s design is very clever and flattering. The fabric is soft and light. I’ve already worn this to a mother’s holiday party, shopping with the kiddos, and to the doctor’s office. Because of this versatility, comfort and nursing accessibility I’m classifying this piece as a “Must Have Essential”! If this item is all you buy from maternity to nursing and beyond, you’ll thank me!! 

Stephany’s ChoiceBelted Cozy Wrap Isabel & Ingrid// Socks : Free People // Shoes : ALDO // Shorts: Mango

Angelina’s Choice: Onesie : Carter’s // Headband : Claire’s Accessories

Alexander’s Choice: Sweater : Old Navy // Polo : Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes : Target




All wrapped up! Ingrid & Isabel




IMG_2929All wrapped up today! No wonder Christmas is my favorite holiday! All the fun and kindness is just so infectious. Chirstmas songs, lights, candy and presents of course!! Luckily it hasn’t been too cold yet. Taking Angelina out is becoming easier and easier. She loves her little stroller. I also have some warm and cozy nursing favorites now that I love to wear. My go-to formula at the moment is a button down tunic over knit tights with a big cape or wrap! That way I don’t have to try to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, and the cape keeps Angelina and me all wrapped up so that we can nurse comfortably and discreetly. I adore this Ingrid & Isabel cozy wrap !! It’s so soft and lovely. I can drape it over my outfit in different styles and Angelina fits perfectly underneath. She loves how light the texture is and doubles as a little blanket for her too. I never would have dreamed that I could find an item that would be fashionable, great quality and baby friendly. Thank you Ingrid & Isabel we both love it!!

Stephany’s Choice: Ingrid & Isabel Cozy wrap // Knee socks: Free People// Shoes : Aldo //Dress: GAP

Angelina’s Choice: Carter’s  

Party Pretty, With BUMPStyle Box!!



FullSizeRender 3



Say Yes to date night!!

It’s not always easy, but make some time anyway so you can to go out and have some fun! Sometimes it takes a pretty navy and lace dress you inspire you to get all dressed up!!

The thought of getting glam can be daunting, especially at the end of a long busy week, and most definitely when you are 34 weeks pregnant!

This dress is so Preggo mommy friendly, you can’t even tell its a maternity dress! My stylist picked this out for me, and I’m so happy she did. Left to my own devices I may never have chosen something that didn’t look stretchy and comfy on a hanger but this really is both!

To give it an extra sparkle and make it a little more festive I added a chunky gold necklace and my silver heels.

If you are going to be pregnant over the holidays, this makes a perfect and sophisticated party dress for seasonal functions, and family gatherings.

Ask your BUMPStyle Box stylist for this look, its elegant, pretty, and baby bump friendly!!

Stephany’s choice

dress: BUMPStyle Box ; Ingrid & Isabel ; Shoes : Top Shop ; Necklace: Bebe

Black & White Bliss With BUMPStyle Box!!




IMG_8992 2

IMG_8996 2


IMG_8995 2



IMG_8987 2


How gorgeous is this black and white jersey dress?!! OMG!! Thank you so much to my awesome Stylist Hannah at BUMPStyle Box for cherry picking this perfect maternity look for me!!

First off, let’s talk BUMPStyle Box !!

If you are unaware of this awesome company let me fill you in on a little secret-they are amazing! I’ll be teaming up with them to show off these fab looks and how exactly you can get your hands (or bumps) into these pieces, and working with these talented and skilled (and stylish) stylists.

It’s almost to easy to be fair…All you have to do is sign up at BUMPStyle Box.

The next part is so fun, you literally answer a fashion survey about your own personal look, style favorites, go to colors, flattering dress shapes, etc..and thats it!! The next day a stylist will contact you informing you that your BUMPStyle Box is ready to be shipped and will be at your door in days!! How easy is that?!!

Working mothers, full time mothers, distraught “I don’t know how to dress my bump” mothers-this is our answer!!

Besides, how cute is this little dress?!! Since I’ve missed my Fall accessories so much I’ve added my Fedora hat to the look! Stylish sneakers for all us ladies on the go, and presto Fall Fashion Perfection!!

Happy Friday Friends!!

Stephany’s Choice

Dress: BUMPStyle Box (Ingrid & Isabel); Hat :French Connection; Shoes: ALDO; Necklace: Marni for H&M ; Sunglasses : House of Harlow