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Stephany’s Choice: Nursing Dress: HARPER & BAY 

I can’t believe I’ve almost reached my goal for breastfeeding for 1 year!

Angelina is now 10.5 months and although I do have to accept that nursing is winding down I can’t help but worry that I may miss this. The cuddles, the closeness the bonding. Time stops and we curl up together on the couch for a check-in and it feels great.

I guess what I will miss most is my baby.

In a way, I’m saying goodbye to my newborn and I have to accept the reality that I will never have this again. The finality of this is so scary. In other ways I feel like we are ready. I know what a relief it will be for to not have to worry about breastfeeding. I can drink wine, wear regular (pretty) bras again, any clothes-not just breastfeeding friendly ones. I’m hoping for a goodnight sleep too, as much as I love the late night (or all night ) snuggles, teaching her to call for a bottle will allow me to set her up and then dispatch from the room entirely. I know I sound totally all over the map here, maybe I still have mixed emotions about this.

Maybe what it boils down to is, I love the closeness, I love my baby, but I know that the time for us to move on is also going to be a good thing. Sometimes I’m so afraid of change, especially with my children, especially when things are going so great. What I have learned, however, is that yes things do change, but they only get better. As the old proverb goes, “without change there would be no butterflies”.

Are you ever afraid of change? How do you battle transition?