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Little girl, big bow! With Dainty Jewell’s








She’s still my little girl, even though she sure is getting bigger! Today she picked up one of our favorite books “Go, Dog, Go” and proceeded to start reading it out loud, page by page!! I can’t believe what a little lady she is turning into. I am so proud of her, and her tenacity and curiosity is paying off. She is naturally built to ask, wonder and desire. I am so happy that she is in an environment that challenges her and feeds her hunger for knowledge. I know one day she will do something special to make the world a better place, she is already teaching me how to become a better person. ♥

We are in love with this lovely Dainty Jewell’s pink “Signature Bow Dress. It’s just so sweet and elegant. It’s not always easy finding clothes that are cute and classy for little girls but this one is so perfect. The blush color is adorable and the big bow is the perfect accent for a special touch. They have a so many beautiful looks for girls and women, in a variety of sizes, S- 3X. Dainty Jewell’s is a wonderful boutique for bridesmaids dresses too, and their looks are both elegant and modest. If you are looking for a timeless piece for you or your little girl, you don’t need to look any further. 

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : Dainty Jewell’s // Shoes : Ivanka Trump // Coat : PINCO PALLINO// Hair Bow : LibbyLouBowtique

Bows and Ties, with Dainty Jewell’s

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Girls wear bows and beaus wear ties! That’s how we like to get dressed up around here! The easiest thing to do, if it’s possible, is just duplicate the look that works best to match with your mini!! That simplifies the process of getting dressed up!! So instead of choosing five seperate looks, the adults can choose first and then coordinate similar pieces for the children!! Why not? Don’t little ones like to mirror what their parents are doing, saying and wearing? One day they will grow up and become teenagers and won’t want anything to do with what we are doing. However, until we have to face that battle, let’s celebrate that we’ve won this one!!

Annabelle is so sweet with her little flowers, she always manages to find something pretty when we are outdoors, and I’m the lucky gift recipient! Alexander is getting harder to pin down, he is pretty good at smiling for the camera once we’ve managed to pin him down long enough to take a picture. Angelina on the other hand, has no idea what’s going on. She does however just love the light of the flash and the sound it makes !! I hope they love these pictures when they grow up as much as I do today.

Thank you to the lovely Dainty Jewell’s for sending Annabelle and me these stunning pink dresses!! They are so elegant and flattering. The bow detail at the top is so sweet and I don’t have to worry about picking out necklaces or jewelry ! It also comes in six gorgeous colors, choosing just one was the hardest part.  All the looks at Dainty Jewell’s come in a range of sizes S-3X!! Their bridesmaids dresses are all so elegant, and modest. I love how darling the little girl range is too( especially when it matches with Mama 😉 )!!

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: Dainty Jewell’s Signature Bow Dress // Shoes : TopShop

Michael’s Choice: Suit : Calvin Klein// Shoes: ECCO // Tie : Balmain // Shirt : Eden Park

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : Dainty Jewell’s Signature Bow Dress// Shoes: Ivanka Trump // Tights: Carter’s

Alexander’s Choice : Blazer :Cherokee // Badge : Pottery Barn Kids // Shirt : Target // Shoes : Target // Pants : H&M

Angelina’s Choice : Dress : Little Me// Headband: Claire’s Accessories



Black, White, and lovely, With Dainty Jewell’s

Annabelle Bowman in black and white polka dot Dainty Jewell's dress



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Spring is coming!! The sun is out and the weather is beautiful. Little Miss Annabelle loves dancing and twirling in her beautiful Dainty Jewell’s dress!! She’s such a natural artist. We are sometimes completely blown away with some of her art work. She has an eye for color and always adds a special touch to all of her school assignments. When she comes home and shows me her school work, it’s so cute to see that she has not only completed the project but added a little flower, butterfly or smiley hearts to brighten up the page. I hope she can always feel free to express herself. That her inner artist is always burning bright. That she will continue to dance, sign, color, dream forever…

Thank you to Dainty Jewell’s for this stunning Central Park Dress!! They have the most lovely dresses for women and children. Their collection has a huge range of size available from small to 3X! If you are looking for dresses or bridesmaids gowns you don’t need to look any further. We love how classic and modest the looks are. There is nothing like timeless elegance. Also available are matching adult and children’s looks!! Annabelle and I were so excited to wear matching gowns!! We know where to go when Angelina gets old enough to have hers coordinated too!!!

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : Dainty Jewell’s // Shoes: Ivanka Trump