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Winter walks in spring weather is my kind of paradise! Now that Angelina is a little bigger I feel a lot less intimidated taking her out and about. I actually feel like she truly enjoys the fresh air on her face and the quiet motions of a good outdoor stroll. Now that I have this awesome Beluga Baby wrap of my own I can bundle her up all nice and cozy and within minutes. When I was a new mom I was searching for the perfect baby carrier. I didn’t have many friends that had children at that time so a lot of my research came from checking online and looking for advice from clerks in stores. The first brand baby carrier I had was never a perfect fit. The straps were always digging into my shoulders and Annabelle always seemed awkwardly positioned inside..Fast forward to baby three and things are a lot different. Now I am much pickier with my choices and have a new appreciation for a quality purchase.  When I first laid eyes on the beluga baby wrap I knew that it was love at first sight! Not only is it made out of bamboo, it’s fabric is light, stretchy and soft as butter.

If you are a new mother, experience mother, caretaker, father, or even looking to gift a loved one with something special at a baby shower, etc. You need look no further . See below for my complete review of this must have baby item, and why I set it apart from anything else on the market today.

Why Beluga Baby is the perfect must have baby carrier:

Makes carrying baby so comfortable for Mommy/Daddy/Caretaker:

The stretchy and soft quality of the fabric draped over the shoulders alows a comfortable distribution of weight and pressure throughout the whole upper torso of the body. Typically, with other carriers that I’ve used in the past, there are straps that are hard and firm and dig into my shoulders, causing soreness and backache. After removing other baby carriers, I was always left with deep red marks and creases in my shoulders – even after short term wear. My back would also be sore and the heavier the baby got the less I even bothered to bring the carrier out with me.

Beluga Baby is comfy, perfect for a walk , you can adjust the straps to make it as comfortable and secure as you need it to be. It’s almost like wearing a t-shirt with a big pocket for Angelina to fit right inside.There are no straps, just stretchy fabric panels, so no digging, no soreness!

Made from the softest, high quality fabric:

It’s so soft, no hard rubbing or sore spots for Angelina or me. It drapes over easily, and is soft on her skin and mine. 

Light and easy to pack:

When I had annabelle I used to travel so much, every few months we were jumping on a plane or running around an airport. The baby carrier was a good solution for riding on a plane since they won’t allow strollers on board. But what to do with the carrier before, after and during the flight was always a nuisance. It was so bulky and difficult to store. I had to stuff it in one of my carry ons and it would take up half of the space.

The Beluga Baby on the other hand is basically the weight and size of your favorite pashmina or shawl. It folds up to the size of a lightweight t-shirt and fits in easily into the pocket of any carryon, handbag, stroller, etc.. It takes no place at at. A no-brainer of a decision on wether its a good idea to bring it along or not.

Easy to wash:

All babies spit up, chew on their fingers-or anything they can get to that’s close to their mouths, and sometimes have dirty diaper leaks!! Accidents in the carriers are at times unavoidable and maintaining the cleanliess can be akward and a nuisance at times.

My Beluga Baby is so easy to wash and keep clean, Toss in the wash and hang dry. It drys so quickly and is ready for reuse in no time at all.

It’s so adorable:

Typical baby carriers are sort of like strollers and car seats. They come in stale, standard dull colors that often don’t reflect the mood of a new baby or a new mother.

Beluga Baby comes in the most lovely shades of soft grays and bright blues. My favorite is the Lori, a black and white striped clean and modern look. Let’s be honest, if we are wearing it and we are wrapping our baby in it, why wouldn’t we want it to look gorgeous too?!!!

It gives the best support to baby’s little body:

The honest truth is the moment I wrap up Angelina in the cozy and comfy fabric that is the Beluga Baby wrap she starts to doze off! She loves being so close to my heart, “close enough to kiss”. She can smell my scent, hear my voice and stay close to my heart, just as it should be. I wish this would grow with her forever…

This is a high quality product, if you can, treat yourself and your baby. If you’re generous, treat a fellow Mama! This is a wonderful baby gift!!!

→For tips on how to use the Beluga Baby safely go here

Stephany’s Choice: Baby Wrap : Beluga Baby // Dress : Gap // Shoes : Aldo // Sunglasses : Nordstrom // Socks : Free People // Hat: Target

Angelina’s Choice: Onsie : Disney // Hair bow : Janie & Jack