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Four and a half months of pure joy! I can’t believe time has gone by this quickly! Right now baby Angelina is still so sweet and engaged. Her huge blue eyes scan the room and dart about till she zeros in on my face and locks my gaze. Next, huge smiles, it’s like fireworks. My heart completely explodes. It never gets old, it makes all the tough moments fade away. This is what it feels like to win the lottery.

Creeping up to the five month mark is very rewarding, Five months of breastfeeding exclusively in the bag! It has not been easy every single step of the way, each child brings his/her own set challenges. In this case, with Angelina being my third child, juggling her needs and the needs of Annabelle and Alexander are the most challenging. The nice part about breastfeeding your third child exclusively is applying the experience that you have learned.

One question I get asked frequently from expecting and new mothers who wish to breastfeed is, “which (if any) products do we need to buy and why?” This is an excellent question. I vividly remember scanning the “Breastfeeding Products” aisle at the pharmacy with my Mother in my Third Trimester when I was pregnant with Annabelle . It was so daunting. I had no idea how to process all the products, and certainly no clue as to where to start, what to purchase and what to leave behind. Luckily, as I said I had my Mother there to support and advise me.  She was a wonderful advisor since she had successfully nursed all three of her children exclusively. With her guidance and input I was able to sift through the merchandise and select a variety of potential life saving necessities. Some products she had experience using herself, others where solutions to challenges that weren’t available when she was in the market for nursing items.

I was very fortunate to have this advice but not everyone is lucky enough to have the input of someone with personal experience. If you need any ideas you can always come ask me. I have a few items that I’ve used for all three of my babies (nursing pads, nursing bras, and a nursing pillow) , and some items that I’ve used only exclusively with one particular child (Nipple Shields, Milk collectors, and a nursing wrap) . I am nursing right now, and still love the idea of a new suggestion or idea of a product that I have or have not heard of. May or may not have tried. 

This brings me to the incredible Baby Bump Bundle. A product that I wish I had come upon all those years ago when I was just starting my journey as a breastfeeding mother. This would have been a beautiful gift from anyone that wanted to send me something practical, push present, or a treat to cheer me along. 

What is Baby Bump Bundle?

Baby Bump Bundle is a service that puts together several products in one package and sends them to your door! It “Bundles” specialty items, in this case ones that a new nursing mother can use in one box!

What’s in my box?

I was so excited to receive my package. As mine was a gift (YAY) it was a surprise so I was thrilled to open it up and discover all my goodies!! In my box I received a total of six products.

A healing balm, that can be used for sore nipples. This is an awesome piece because every mother will typically feel a certain amount of soreness wether it’s your first time nursing, or not. A lot of women may not even be aware that such a product exists because it’s not as widely discussed as a diaper rash or discomforts relating directly to baby. 

A calming mist!! As you can imagine this item was the first one I used!! I couldn’t wait to test it out!! Any baby product that suggests may “calm” baby is something I need to have. I’m not sure how much it actually calmed down Angelina, but, I certainly loved it and have added it to my evening/bedtime routine already. (Thought: is calming mist more for mom or baby?? Hehe, in this case-MOM!) 

A Tender Tush Treatment because let’s be honest, you can never have enough of those. This was, however, the first time I’ve used a spray. I loved it, it’s clean, quick and smells so fresh. Angelina liked it too!! 

The Organic herbal Milkmaid Tea was delicious and soothing. I’m not sure if I can exactly “prove” that it was effective, but I loved having it. It’s naturally caffeine free, and I love to have warm drinks to replace my former Latte addiction. It tastes like licorice and hey, if it suggests that it assists with Mother’s milk flow-I’m all for it!!!

I was so happy to see a pack of 100% cotton, no nonsense ,washable and reusable nursing pads in my Nursing Baby Bump Bundle. This is the perfect, sensible, fuss free item to purchase if you are going to nurse or at least try to. It’s an essential item, and you can’t nurse without it. If you are gifting this to someone and they already have some, the more the merrier. They will be grateful for some fresh pads. I actually have never tried the reusable kind before! So I was so excited to try this “new” product, even though I’ve been nursing for years. Thank you Baby Bump Bundle for sending me a product I’ve always wanted to try but never did!!

Finally, an item at gives you freedom: Udder Covers. This is so essential to a new or an experienced Mother because it allows you to be free and explore the world with your baby. You don’t need to be locked up at home hiding out. This nursing cover is light, soft and fits perfectly into my purse. There are a variety of gorgeous patterns or colors to choose from. I’m obsessed with my pretty denim blue one. If you have one already, a fresh one is never a bad idea, you can also have one in the wash or keep one at home for company and one in the car for “emergency” or “on the go” nursing.

Why do I love this product?

I love this product because it has introduced me to new nursing products that I hadn’t tried before, and products that I had heard of but never tried!! It collects popular breastfeeding items that have been tried and tested in one Bundle, and now it’s mine!!

Why is it great for you?

This is perfect for you because it is so easy. Just sign up for the bundle of your choice and price point and it’s delivered to your door. The selection is practical, and good quality. If you are expecting and aren’t familiar with nursing products this is a good introduction into the field. If you are like me, and are familiar with breastfeeding and the products this is great as a one stop shop for all goodies nursing, or an introduction to items that you have seen but never tried, or new items that you may not have known about altogether. 

Why would this be the perfect gift?

This is a perfect gift for Mother’s who are expecting, and strive to nurse or have nursed before. It offers a selection so your recipient is sure to love at least a few of the items, and the variety keeps it fun and interesting. 

Other products (Yes, more bundles!!)

Baby Bump Bundle offers Bundles to expecting mothers, new mothers and nursing mothers. There is a selection of Baby Bump Bundles, and you can even customize the Bundle and hand pick which products go straight to your Mama!! 

Try it now!!!

The wonderful Baby Bump Bundle family is generously giving you 15% off future purchases when you use the discount code Stephany  !!

Final thought:

I love this product, I’m all for ease and efficiency. This is a one stop shop for busy gift givers on the go, it’s perfectly personal yet practically fool proof. I loved all the products in my Nursing Baby Bump Bundle and I know you or a Mama you love will too. 

Stephany’s Choice: Nursing Gift Box : Nursing Baby Bump Bundle