Bumpdate: week 32!

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Week 32 is already here!! I can’t believe it! Time has gone by so quickly. I’m starting to get very excited as my due date is getting closer. The pressure is also starting to kick in, however. I still haven’t prepared anything for baby. Next week I think I will start collecting things for my hospital bag, and the nursery. Coming towards the last few pages of my Lucy Darling “baby bump tracking” markers! I absolutely loved this product! The stickers are just adorable, and it helps you (and your little ones at home) have an idea of how big baby is. The fruits as they were, were  something tangible that we could imagine. It’s also fun to look back at the images from the first and second trimester now, which seem so small in retrospect!! Today we are moving onto bigger, bulkier examples like Squash and eventually pumpkin- which is timely as baby is expected days after Halloween!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Stickers: Lucy Darling (ETSY)

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